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Cheetah Sees Photographer Napping Under a Tree, Decides To Join In

All of us are amazed by some pictures of wildlife, and every chance we get to peek in their kingdom, is more than welcome!

Being absolutely free to roam around these wonderful landscapes makes these spectacular animals even more breathtaking. They are sentient, struggling, and spontaneous. Wildlife is sometimes the symbol of grace, beauty, agility, cleverness, and strength.

Dolph Volker is working as a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa. This non-profit organization is the home of some threatened and endangered species, like male non-breeding lions, leopards, cheetahs, African wildcats, caracals, servals, meerkats, wolves and a Siberian Tiger.

After his dog died in his arms, this zoologist and wildlife photographer was claimed by the feelings of deep sorrow. That event changed his life completely, and he decided to do his best to fight for the animal rights, and also raise awareness for the species that are endangered.

He would sometimes use his savings and vacation days to volunteer at the Cheetah Experience.

Cheetahs can be quite shy, so he works for a considerable length of time to pick up their confidence. Nonetheless, his devoted work in the long run paid off. 

Being worn out following a difficult day in the sun, Dolph chose to sleep under a tree. At that point, a cheetah named Eden saw him, approached him, sniffed him, and chose to snuggle with him! 

When Dolph opened his eyes, he was stunned! 

However, this was only the start of one incredible fellowship, and Eden sees Dolph as having a place with her animal varieties. She purrs, nibbles him, snuggles, and cuddles with him.

Dolph is now spending most of his time in the company of cheetahs, he got the nickname ‘The Cheetah Whisperer’.

Make sure that you watch the video below in order to find out more about the cute friendship. You will be amazed by the special bond these two have made:


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