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Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

Ever since plastic was created in 1907, plastic is all around us. Today, plastic is very critical to modern life, because it is used in most of the things that we’re using on daily basis.

Plastic made possible the development of most of the life saving advances of modern life. It is not expensive, and it raised the standard of living, and made material abundance a lot more available.

Beside of the role in the advancement of our society, today plastic is one of the biggest problems that we’re facing. It has become to the flora and fauna, the environment, to humans and our planet in general!

The risks and dangers of plastic use to the environment is now a global problem. However, experts are constantly trying to fund the best way to solve the problem with plastic pollution.

In order to decrease the negative impact of plastic pollution on our planet, a company from the UK, MacRebur, has found a way to use the plastic bottles for the improvement of the quality of roads. The asphalt that is made this way, is going to be a lot cheaper, and more durable than the one we use.

Its CEO, Toby McCartney, got the thought while he was working in Southern India. Subsequent to asking why individuals there gathered old plastic, he was informed that they liquefy the plastic and transform it into filler for the potholes. 

The MacRebur black-top lifts the life expectancy of the material, and yet, it is condition well disposed, as it diminishes the carbon impression by lessening the measure of petroleum product utilized in the assembling procedure. 

Most sorts of plastic can be utilized for this black-top, including the most troublesome one to reuse – black plastic. 

McCartney reported: 

We experienced around five-to-600 distinct plans of various polymers that we were blending in before we discovered one that really worked.

Their overhauled black-top is structured by joining granulated plastic waste and black-top solid equation used to make streets. 

The plastic utilized for it must be marked as waste, not new or reused, and it must liquefy at a particular temperature. The new plastic street would be progressively adaptable, and it will support warmth, cold and regular weather damages better.

It is an enhanced form of asphalt, it is going to last a lot longer than the asphalt we have today. McCartney believes that plastic roads are 60% stronger than the regular ones, and lab tests are projecting these roads to last 3 times longer. However, only time will prove if he was right or wrong, and if the roads are better or not.

This mixture can be applied to motorways, airport runways, race tracks, and car parks as well.

McCartney also added:

We want to solve two main problems. On one hand we call it the waste plastic epidemic, and on the other hand the poor quality roads that were currently driving on.


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