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Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness – It’s A Sign Of Emotional Intelligence

Everybody has some moments when they cry. Unfortunately, a lot of us were growing up in a society that saw this as a sign of weakness. Girls were seen as spoiled if they were crying, and boys were told not to cry in order to look tough.

We started to hide our feelings because we’re afraid. We think that it’s making us vulnerable, and that we’ll end up being hurt if we open up, and they’ll take advantage of us. 

But, the truth is that all of us need a good cry every once in a while, and it is completely normal.

Actually it’s very important to be able to face your emotions, because it is a sign of emotional intelligence, or the ability of a person to be totally aware of their feelings and emotions, and express them as well.

Even though, you might find it hard to show your emotions, you must do it, because negativity is going to build up and cause more stress and problems. You get nothing if you ignore your emotions, and you will get at a point of no escape.

You’ll never benefit from keeping your emotions inside, instead of facing them directly.

In the event that you continue imagining all is well constantly, you need a passionate discharge. There is nothing awful in crying, it is an incredible method to discharge all the development pressure and worry, to address your issues, and to at long last proceed onward. 

Crying is helping us to cope a lot better with emotional distress.

As per Roger Baker, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Bournemouth University and creator of Emotional Processing: Healing Through Feeling: 

Crying helps us process quicker than if we don’t cry by any stretch of the imagination, yet it’s by all account not the only thing – it’s a piece of a bundle of communicating it. In the event that your dad passed on, your regular response is cry. You wouldn’t have the option to get it insane, you’d examine it a lot, and you couldn’t work or do anything at first. 

Be that as it may, step by step, the strife would die down. You’d arrive at a point where you could take a gander at photographs, and in spite of the fact that you’d recollect him, there would be no incredible enthusiastic response. 

By then, you could state it has been sincerely handled. In any case, it’s not the progression of time that does that – it’s everything the things you’ve done in the middle of to assist you with processing it.

Crying is the best way to calm yourself, and after a good cry, everybody feels like a new person!

Dr. Judith Orloff maintains: 

Crying causes us to feel better, in any event, when an issue perseveres. Notwithstanding physical detoxification, enthusiastic tears recuperate the heart. You would prefer not to keep tears down.

Try to let go of untrue, and outmoded conceptions about crying, it is good to cry. Actually it’s healthy for you, this helps you to cleanse yourself emotionally, from the stress and sadness. Crying is also essential to resolve grief when waves and waves of tears periodically come to us, after experiencing a loss.

Tears are helping us to process the loss, therefore we can keep on living with open hearts. Otherwise, we’re set up for depression, if we give up and keep these feelings inside.

When a friend apologized for going down on the floor, crying and being sad, because of a breakup, I told her that she blessed my floor and there’s no need to apologize for that.


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