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Do This One Technique Before Bedtime To Help Drain Your Lymph Glands

It is a fact that there are many people that are not familiar with lymphatic drainage, and there are some who even don’t know about their lymphatic system. This is the case because the lymphatic system is not talked about, but during a research back in 2012 at the USC, it was proven that, the lymphatic system is just as important as our blood circulatory system, for our well-being and health.

According to the researches our lymphatic system is vital to control inflammation and tissue repair in 90% of the organs in our body. Draining the lymphatic system improperly can cause problems in our immune system, and in some cases even tumors in our lymph nodes.

Just like you must exercise your body every day, you also must exercise the lymphatic system, by draining it correctly. If you want to maintain your optimal health, then draining the lymphatic system properly, is a must!

Why You Should Support Your Lymphatic System

The fluids that are surrounding our body cells, that fluid is cleansed by the lymphatic system through eliminating waste products and impurities. This is helping our body cells to function properly and do their job.

If your lymphatic system is not healthy, then serious problems can be triggered, like chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, aches, obesity, pains and fibromyalgia, problems with the digestive system and bloating.

How to Drain Your Lymphatic System with Castor Oil

Dr. David Williams is a man that traveled the entire world and invested in natural treatments all the time worldwide, for 90% of the health concerns, and according to him:
“There is still no drug discovered that is able to improve our lymphatic flow, but we are in luck. With the topical application of Castor Oil we can handle the job very easily.”

Here is the simple procedure:

    1. Apply Castor Oil on the skin, on different parts.
    1. If you want to simulate the lymphatic system, apply some oil on the lower abdomen.
    1. Get some cold-pressed castor oil and a cotton cloth that is folded in a few layers.
    1. Dip the cloth inside the castor oil and put it on your skin, to stay throughout the night.
  1. With the castor oil pack you will be able to reduce the inflammation, boost the circulation of lymphatic fluids, as well as improve the function of your digestive system.

Herbs to Help Drain The Lymphatic System

Teas and herbs can be very useful when it comes to draining and purifying the lymphatic system. One of the most popular herbs to help you in this case, is the echinacea. This herb has the ability to support every lymphatic function and boost your immunity functions as well.

This herb is used for fungal, bacterial and many other infections, as well as it is used to reduce inflammation. Echinacea is also used to strengthen different types of body cells in our lymph nodes that are known as macrophages, which are the ones to excrete the waste and toxins from our lymph.

Sweat It Out in a Sauna

The best way to eliminate toxins from your body is through perspiration. Our body temperature elevates during a sauna bath, therefore our swat glands become stimulated. So, toxins that have stacked up like mercury, sodium, lead and copper are extracted through the sweating process.


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