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Elephant Weeps While Being Rescued After 50 Years Of Confinement

For more than 50 years, Raju lived constantly in abuse and he spend 24 hours a day in chains. When Raju became aware that he’s being rescued, this elephant was unable to calm down his emotions and he simply began to weep.

Just imagine what it would be like to constantly live in confinement, and to have heavy chains and shackles around your legs, to be treated as someone’s own property, rather than a live being. Well that’s how this elephant named Raju spent 50 years of his life, until the beginning of this summer, he was given what it should’ve been his from his birth – freedom!

For almost 50 years Raju walked the dusty roads in India, he was interacting with the tourists for food and coins. When the elephant was rescued, signs of malnutrition were found as well as scars all over his body from physical abuse – reports The Dodo. But also the emotional toll that Raju endured was not less traumatic.

Pooja Binepal of Wildlife SOS said:

Raju’s case was especially grievous. He has been sold endlessly. We accept he has had up to 27 owners. When we discovered him he was in a despicable condition. He wasn’t sustained appropriately and was in a condition of craving and fatigue. He started eating plastic and paper. His nails are seriously congested, he has abscesses and wounds in view of his spiked shackles and continually strolling on a Tarmac street has prompted his footpad overgrowing.

In July, a group driven by the UK-based animal philanthropy Wildlife SOS interceded to free Raju from his unfeeling presence. When it turned out to be obvious to the matured elephant that the group was there to support him, he started to weep.

Pooja added:

Raju was in chains 24 hours every day, a demonstration of intolerable cruelty. The group was dumbfounded to see tears move down his face during the rescue. It was unimaginably passionate. We knew in our souls he understood he was being liberated. Elephants are glorious and exceptionally intelligent animals. We can just envision what torment the past 50 years has been for him.

The rescue occurred one year after Raju’s lamentable circumstance was first revealed and a legitimate procedure was started in association with nearby experts to have him reallocated from his owner.

The group worked resolutely for the duration of the night to expel the sharp shackles from his feet.

Once liberated, the elephant was migrated 350 miles away to Wildlife SOS’s Elephant Conservation and Care Center at Mathura, where he got truly necessary restorative consideration before getting to be sidekicks with the other safeguarded elephants at the asylum.

It is accepted the elephant was stole from his mom in the wild nearly 50 years back and has endured abuse on account of different proprietors from that point onward. Fortunately, his life is currently definitely unique and Raju is a lot more joyful.

Pooja Binepal also said:

He never knew what it felt like to walk without his shackles, until the moment we stepped in. But now he knows what freedom feels like, and he knows about kindness.


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