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‘Eye Of The Storm’ Captured In Incredible Photos Of Full Moon After Storm Ciara

Photography is a very important thing in the everyday life, since it is capturing a certain moment in time, and it makes it a long lasting memory. Pictures are connecting us to our past, and they remind us of important stories, places, people, and feelings.

A photo collection has gone viral over the internet, after it revealed a very unique moment or phenomenon in Nature, during the potent Atlantic Storm, called Ciara, which is considered to be the ‘Storm of the Century’ in Britain by some people.

The storm mostly affected Ireland and the UK, and then it went to the northern coast of Europe.

This storm ravaged from 7th – 16th of February, and has taken more than 10 people’s lives, it has also caused the destruction of many roads, countless homes, rail lines, caused power disruption, and the cancellation of many scheduled flights.

As Storm Sabine, as it is known in certain pieces of Europe, continued unleashing disorder in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany, a lady figured out how to catch the “ideal eye of the tempest”. 

Only minutes after it went past her home, Sarah Hodges, from Bolton, snapped a cloud development clustered around a full moon, that took after an immense eye that watches the Earth. 

Sarah took the snaps on the 11th of February from her window, yet she didn’t envision that she would catch a staggeringly significant one that will interest the remainder of the world. 

At night, she saw the moon sparkling splendid, so she took a few snaps with her Samsung S9 phone, and intended to impart them to her companions. 

The 48-year-old baker said:

I took the photos last Tuesday 11 Feb 2020, between 9:34 pm and 9:39 pm, just from my window at my street number. The moon was radiating through the kitchen window, so I went upstairs and simply continued taking pictures. I am fixated on the moon, nightfall, dawn, and the ocean. I simply used my Samsung S9. 

I realize I lucked out; individuals burn through thousands on cameras to get the ideal shot. I feel overpowered and glad, as it’s a once in a blue moon shot, which I do understand. 

It was just when looking back through the pictures that I saw the moon based on the mists on the grounds that continuously, the mists were continually moving. I took the photos physically with no screen settings, so I was fantastically lucky to get the shot.

This post has fascinated many people in a second, gathered thousands of likes and shares in just a few hours. Hodges was more than happy to see a lot o people marveling her photograph, and she added that she had comments from all over the world.

A user commented: Nature’s third eye!

A lot of religious people have seen the photograph as a sign that God is looking down on us and is reminding us that he’ll destroy Earth with a big flood again. Others just believe that it’s just the photo taken at the perfect moment.

One is for certain – the photograph is breathtaking!


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