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Female Chief Terminates 850 Child Marriages In Malawi And Sends Girls Back To School

Every little girl spends a lot of time thinking about their future life, especially about marriage. They imagine about the many roses that will be at the proposing site, the many white layers of silk and lace for their wedding dresses, and of course about the amazing fairy-tale castle they want to live in.

Many little girls are day dreaming about this stuff, about their weddings and their wedding dress, but in Malawi, little girls are being sent away by their parents to be married and to have their own families.

A Girl’s Role in Malawi Tradition

Malawi is a very small country on the southeast part of Africa, and it is one of the poorest places in the whole world. In Malawi and places such as Malawi, child marriages are an every day. Back in 2012 it was discovered that more than half of the girls in Malawi are married before they are 18 years old.

Albeit a law was passed in 2015 restricting marriage before the age of 18, these relationships were as yet conceivable with parental assent. Furthermore, because of outrageous neediness, guardians would excitedly give their agree to send young ladies off to marriage so as to facilitate the money related weight without anyone else home. 

It was additionally regular practice to send young ladies to sexual inception camps soon after beginning their first period. These camps were made to show young ladies their “obligations” as a spouse and how to explicitly satisfy a man. The camp educators would for the most part urge young ladies to engage in sexual relations, frequently bringing about undesirable pregnancies and HIV infections.

Theresa Kachindamoto Creating Change

Theresa Kachindamoto, a senior boss in the Dedza locale of Malawi, turned out to be completely insulted at always observing 12-year-old young ladies with high school spouses and an infant on their hips. Just a brief span in the wake of being called to the job of boss, Kachindamoto started to make a move. 

She met with 50 of her sub-boss and had them consent to an arrangement to end kid marriage in all territories under her position. Kachindamoto was resolved. She told the boss, “In any case, I need these union with be ended.” She even terminated four male boss subsequent to discovering that they were all the while permitting youngster relationships in their territories. 

During her time as boss, Kachindamoto has invalidated 850 youngster relationships and reports that these young ladies have returned to class. Alongside this staggering achievement, Kachindamoto has likewise prohibited the act of sexual inception camps.

The Response, and Her Resilience

In Malawi, where custom runs profound, the reaction to Kochindamoto’s battle for change was not constantly lovely. When she initially stood up against these issues, many revealed to her that she reserved no privilege to disturb custom, and she even got passing dangers. 

In any case, nothing appeared to slow Kachindamoto in the scarcest. I couldn’t care less, I wouldn’t fret, she shares. I’ve stated, whatever, we can talk, however these young ladies will return to class.

Kachindamoto is so energetic in her longing for change, that she has even subsidized numerous young ladies’ instruction whose guardians were not able. In the event that they are taught, she says, they can be and have anything they desire. Her strength notwithstanding trouble is moving.

Fight for the Nature

Kachindamoto’s example is quite moving, she said:

I want the girls to be educated because in the future they’ll be the ones to take care of us.

Besides that this been a tradition for many years, she fought bravely for what she thought was right, and she did everything in her power to create a better future.


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