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Five Effective Exercises For Slimmer Thighs In Only One Week

Thousands of women wish for slimmer thighs, but when it comes to achieving that goal, not many are willing to sacrifice some time, put in some effort and put themselves on a healthy diet. But in this article we will help you because a health expert and fitness expert Jessica Smith came up with an exercising program that can help you achieve the long desired goal much easier, and changes will be visible even after the first week. After every exercise you must go for a 15-20 minute cardio training.

1. Side-to-side plié

Stand tall, place your feet more than shoulder width apart, make sure your toes are facing towards the outside. Then go down in a squat, hold it for at least half a minute, then push yourself back up and bring one of your knees towards your chest. Put the leg back down, go down in a squat position again, and do the same with the other knee. Do at least 10 repetitions of the exercise with each leg.

2. Frog Kicks

Lay down on your back and place both of your arms on the sides. Then bend your legs slightly and lift them as much as possible towards yourself. Also keep your back straight all the time. Make sure your heels are always together and your toes are facing towards the outside. Point to the side with your knees. Then kick your legs at the angle of 45 degrees to the floor, and press the knees together. Hold this body position for a couple of seconds and you can bring the legs back to you. Do 15 repetitions.

3. Skater Hops

Lean a little bit forward, make sure you are keeping your back straight, and then move your body weight from one to another just like you are skating. Once you move to one of the legs, keep the other one behind. Also make sure you are moving your arms properly just as you move your body, that way the exercise is more effective. Do the exercise for 60 seconds at least.

4. Half Moon Kicks

Stand tall with your feet aligned with your hips, and make a boxing fist with your hands like you are starting to fight. Then kick out with one leg, in front of you and make sure you make a crescent shape on the floor once you brought your leg back in the starting position. If it is too difficult for you, try drawing a circle on the floor with your toes. With this you will be able to keep all of the weight on that foot. Do 10 repetitions of the exercise.

Also massages and hydrotherapy would be of great use, that way you can tighten your thighs more. With these treatments you will boost the blood flow and you will support your body and stimulate it to burn more fat, and a lot faster. With circular motions massage your thighs and then you can switch the water from hot to cold while taking a shower.

The first positive results will be visible very quickly if you are losing weight, working out and eating healthy. It is pretty rare for these type of exercises to have no effect and no results, or not to see the improvement, and that may happen if there is a genetic condition known as lipedema. In that case you must visit or consult with a specialist or a doctor.


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