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Florida Farmers Selling Directly To Consumers To Avoid Produce Dumps

The pandemic of COVID-19 has affected the world severely in different aspects and has brought unseen challenges which are taking a significant toll on people all over the world.

The countless restrictive measures which are issued by the authorities, in order to help flatten the curve, have their own consequences, and have also caused disruptions in the chain of food supply.

The farms in Florida are facing a very unusual problem, they have too much produce, and they don’t have a place to sell it.

More than 47,000 farms in Florida are providing the world with food, as well as communities with jobs, and they were also very hit by the halted business of cruise lines, restaurants, and amusement parks.

This past month, countless tons of produce were left to rot in the fields, because of the nationwide quarantines.

Nikki Fried, the State Agriculture Commissioner said:

Agriculture is struggling. Everyone has seen those photos in Florida, and the nation over, of gallons of milk spilled out, products of the soil being furrowed under on the grounds that there are no laborers and no spots to convey food.

To alleviate the negative impacts of it, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) chose to address two problems at once.

The FDACS has set up a site page with alternatives for cultivators, customers, and transportation administrations. Cultivators and transporters can present their administrations, and clients can channel by kinds of produce and by province.

There are comparative records by the Florida Farm Bureau, one for farm stands and one for farms, with names, locations, and social media handles.

The site likewise says that their rundown will be normally refreshed with new data and includes that ‘customers ought to likewise check Facebook pages for food accessibility at nearby farms and long periods of retail activity. Reaping and pressing procedures change as indicated by area. If you don’t mind recall that foods grown from the ground are short-lived items that expect care to safeguard their taste and quality.

It would be ideal if you guarantee FDA sanitation and CDC social separating rules are being followed when visiting.’

In this manner, you would now be able to buy farm new things like milk, fish, and Florida-developed veggies and organic products directly from the farmers.

At the point when bars and cafés were closed down, the deals of Honeyside Farms evaporated simply like on account of various others.

The proprietor, Tiffany Bailey, said that ‘it was a quick effect, there wasn’t a lot of warning.’

However, she chose to begin online sales and delivery to help the business survive:

We’ve had the option to rapidly get deals on the web and channel about portion of our produce through these online deals, and they’ve been developing from that point forward.

Be that as it may, the farm will at present get just about 20% of their typical income.

Long and Scott Farms has 400 sections of land, and for the most part produce salted cucumbers. Hank Scott, who runs the farm, says that they have ‘3 to 4 million pounds of cured cucumbers that we would ordinarily be trucking toward the East Coast and Midwest’, so they currently anticipate the $19 billion President Trump vowed to farmers.

He said:

We’re going to see how the program is working. There are many family businesses like us, which need to be in business in order to survive.

Let us only hope that the measures and efforts of the Florida Farm Bureau and FDACS can be of help to these farmers as well.


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