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Genius Company Installs Beehives In Your Living Room So You Can Help Save Them

Bee populations are decreasing constantly on a global scale, due to modern industrial farming methods and habitat loss. Bees are the most important pollinators, as it is estimated that 1/3 of the food we eat every day, relies on bee pollination.

Also, wax and honey are other very important products that are produced by bees. As their populations have rapidly decreased, people have started discovering new ways to solve this alarming problem.

However, have you ever thought that you can start helping in the solution of this problem from your home? And that’s not all, you will also decorate your home with this new idea.

Well, BEEcosystem has discovered a new way, by creating a wall-mounted observation hive. You can mount this beehive on your wall, for example near your window.

Designers Mike Zaengle and Dustin Betz made the observation hives to give people the opportunity to personally contribute to solving the problem with bee populations.

Betz reported:

We feel the BEEcosystem hive can increase the value of eco-and agri-the travel industry organizations. What’s more, the Ambassador Program will permit a greater amount of those organizations to buy our item without needing somebody in-house deal with the hive – this system will likewise assist with instructing the up and coming age of beekeepers, and incredibly increment the range of our social effect. 

Their hexagonal, honeycomb style is totally sheltered in any event, for beginner honey bee guardians. 

The co-founder Mike Zaengle added that their product is sustainable for residential, urban living:

BEEcosystem functions admirably for leaseholders since it includes a window leave unit that fits into for all intents and purposes any sliding window. There’s a cylinder that the honey bees creep through to get outside to fly, at that point they return through it to return to the hive. You don’t need to penetrate an opening in your divider; you simply need to mount a section. It’s very non-obtrusive. 

This will be the principal show hive we are aware of that will transport with the province of honey bees previously introduced. With different hives, the beekeeper buys a bundle of honey bees that are conveyed through the mail, and afterward empties them into the hive – which can be scary for a first-time beekeeper! With BEEcosystem, your hive establishment is streamlined.

They offer a chance to watch the persevering bugs making honeycomb and beeswax while adding to their endurance. 

The primary objective of the item is to bring individuals and honey bees closer together and fortify this bond. In contrast to other indoor perception colonies, these ones are adaptable, adaptable, and accompany a straightforward divider mounting section and a module tube. 

According to BEEcosystem’s website: 

From our plan point of view, we needed to make a perception hive that purposefully incites significant discussions about bumble bees, particularly captivating non-beekeepers and non-agrarian specialists. In purposely contrasting BEEcosystem from existing styles of perception hives, we praise a combination of old and new thoughts in apiculture: a rising hive structure, with a natural removable top-bar hive outline usefulness. 

Starting in 2014, we proto-typed and field-tried the expandable top-bar perception hive structure for a long time, overwintering in the 4-season atmosphere of focal Pennsylvania, USA, before starting to sell the BEEcosystem hive industrially in Spring 2017. 

With a thin divider mounted profile that can be fused into nontraditional beekeeping spaces and new sorts of perception shows, each BEEcosystem unit or “HexHive” box contains six top-bar outlines from which honey bees fabricate foundationless comb.

So, do you think this pragmatic design of beehives is suitable for your home?

The BEEcosystem is a very innovative way to prevent bee populations from decreasing

Bees are the most important pollinators

It is very important to give them a place to thrive

You can mount the beehive in your home

The beehive can be put outside as well

The hive is also able to grow along with your colony inside

These tiny insects come inside through a secure tubing that fits through any window

The beehives also serve as a ‘cat flap’ for bees

You can watch your busy bees working, and relax in your home

You support the environment as their colonies are expanding


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