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Giant Ancient Underground City Found That May Be The Largest In The World

Ancient cities all around the planet, even when they are totally destroyed and ruined, remind us of the rich history of past civilizations. When we visit some bygone place, we can feel the spirit of the ancient cultures, the way of life and history, and their values and knowledge.

No matter how many spectacular thins we’ve created over the centuries of history, these historical and ancient cities never fail to amaze every one of us.

A huge underground city, which is believed to be one of the biggest in the world, was discovered in the Cappadocia region. Dating back as far as 5,000 years, and it is located near the Nevşehir fortress.

Nevşehir and the region surrounding Cappadocia are renowned as the home of a wonderful collection of underground villages and cities.

This city was discovered by a total chance, as construction workers were demolishing 1,500 buildings on top of it, as part of an urban renewal project.

However, discovering the city stopped the construction workers from working on sight, and excavation works began quickly.

Being that big, the city had amenities such as chapels, stables, cellars, staircases, kitchens, bezirhane, and wineries, it also had linseed presses which were used for the production of the lamp oil, that was used to light the underground city.

The enormous underground city was thought to have been a very big, and self-sustaining complex, with a lot of water channels, and air shafts. Many scholars maintain that these underground cities were built to represent safe-spots in the times of danger and war.

The Cappadocians would withdraw underground, as the huge stone entryways could be shut from within, and each floor could be cut off independently. 

Özcan Çakır, a teacher in the Geophysics Engineering office at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University close Gallipoli, and one of the specialists associated with exhuming the site, accepts that it was utilized as a capacity and transportation space for nourishment and produce: 

We accept that individuals who were occupied with farming were utilizing the passages to convey rural items to the city. We likewise gauge that one of the passages goes under Nevşehir and arrives at a faraway water source.

The city is accepted to have been worked in the eighth seventh hundreds of years B.C. also, might have been developed in the Byzantine period. 

It was usedas a displaced person settlement during the Persian Achaemenid domain, and some presume that it was even built by Persians. 

While the precise size of the underground city is as yet obscure, the aftereffects of the efficient review of a 4-kilometer territory directed by a group of Nevşehir University geophysicists show that it is about 5,000,000 square feet (460,000 square meters), and 113 meters down, which would make this disclosure critical, as the city may be the biggest of its sort on the planet.

One of the biggest mysteries related to the site is how, that big of a city was built 5,000 years ago.

Nevşehir mayor Hasan Ünver stated that the city is going to be added as the new gold, new diamond and new pearl to Cappadocia’s countless treasure. He also intends to build the world’s biggest antique park, with art galleries, and boutique hotels above the ground, with walking rails and of course an underground museum.

We even plan to open again the underground churches. All of this is making everyone excited.

The following video is showing the area, and the enormous underground caves:


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