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Golden Retriever Comes Home With A Baby Koala Whose Life She Just Saved

Dogs are loyal, loving, super cute and loving, and funny…and they’re the best that they can be!

Koalas are also adorable. And can you imagine having them both at home, a koala and a dog? That’s going to be a party.

That’s possible only in Australia.
Kerry Mckinnon has been enjoying her life with a Golden retriever, named Asha. But, as she woke up one morning, a surprise was waiting for her.

Her husband called her name loudly, and she quickly rushed to see what’s happening. As she got outside, Asha was sitting with a baby koala on her back.

The family is from Strathdownie, West Virginia, Australia, and during the winter, the morning temperatures can get around 41F degrees, which is way too cold for a baby koala.

Kerry said that she was shocked when she saw them, and she was not very supportive of Asha:

I just started laughing, poor Asha she didn’t know what t think. She was just looking at me very confusingly. When I came out she looked a bit guilty, however her expression was hilarious.

She just kept looking back at the baby koala, but she was not trying to get rid of it. She was more than happy to let it snuggle in her.

Kerry is a strong believer that dogs have a protective instinct, and Asha was praised as a hero, for saving that baby koala’s life!

Kerry also said:

She definitely saved the baby koala’s life, by warming it. The koala wouldn’t have survived on its own. It also could have been eaten by a fox, or some other predator.

Kerry also admitted that it was not easy to separate them, and the koala took a big fuss when Kerry tried to take it out of Asha’s back.

After the koala was examined by a vet, it was taken to the local care center, which will take care of it until it is old enough to return in the wild.

This is the cutest story of a friendship you will ever read about!

“It was really early in the morning when my husband yelled out for me to come and have a look at something.”

“I did not know why he was calling me or what was happening at first, but then I saw the baby koala on Asha’s back.”

“I think that this baby koala fell of the mother’s pouch and just didn’t know what to do.”

“Surely the baby koala wouldn’t be able to survive all night on its own. And the poor thing could’ve been eaten by a predator.”


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