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Heartening Photos Show How The Aussie Bush Is Already Regrowing

After the entire world was shocked how the bush fires left us in crisis, and burnt everything wherever they spread, the entire world has finally got something to hope for.

People were delighted when they found out that areas that were burnt from the fires in Australia, are regrowing once more, and the photos of plant life and greenery growing out of the charred earth warmed the hearts of many around the world.

These photographs were taken by a local photographer named Murray Lowe, in the Kulnara area.

He wanted to document the areas that were caught by the fires, as a break from his common coastal sunrise photos, and while he was on his way to Kulnara, he stopped at the end of the Dhurag National Park, in a very tiny residential community which survived the fires.

The retired vehicle inspector said:

As we walked, each step puffed ash from the ground, and it was a complete stillness and silence that only the fires of this intensity are able to cause.

Seeing the plants regrowing once more, after what the bush fires have caused, gave him hope:

This was the indication of recharging we had been looking for. We were seeing the resurrection of a backwoods that Australia is so outstanding for.

His photographs became a web sensation very quickly after he posted them on Facebook. 

In his post, Mr. Lowe said: 

Wandered out into the fire grounds today to catch a few pictures of how the Aussie bush reacts to fire, and the manner in which it recovers itself and returns to life. Indeed, even with no downpour, life blasts through the consumed bark from the core of the trees and the existence cycle starts once more. 

It’s so delighting to see the bush reviving again.

He urged individuals to share the photographs and the hope they symbolize, and in an update of the post, he wrote: 

I didn’t, in my most extravagant fantasies, foresee the mind-boggling reaction to my photographs that I’ve seen. It’s both humbling and inspiring.

He sells the photographs to donate money to the victims of the flames. 

Various individuals remarked on the photographs, guaranteeing that they “bring hope”, and that seeing the ground resurrection is a “glorious sight to see”. 

Life from the charred trunk of a tree in Kulnara, NSW (Murray Lowe, on Facebook)

These plants, known as Black Boys, or Grass Trees, spring to life, and they can just be reproduced with the assistance of fire. Warmth from the fire breaks the plant’s hard seed. (Murray Lowe, on Facebook)

New growth in abundance, regardless of the draught (Murray Lowe, on Facebook)

Green hope bursting into the charred bush. Photograph bu Illuka resident, Nikayla Rae Austin, on the NSW north coast (on Facebook)

he Port Macquarie Koala Hospital reported: New pictures from the trunks of koala food trees, and this sprouting undergrowth has brought a huge smile on our faces (Port Macquarie Koala Hosptal, on Instagram)


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