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High School Cross-Country Team Takes Lonely Shelter Dogs On Their Morning Runs

Also one of the biggest issues of the modern society is the animal overpopulation, and it is not happening only in the U.S., it’s happening in the entire world. The animal shelters are overfilled and according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), over 1.5 million (860,000 cats and 670,000 dogs) are euthanized each year in the U.S.

These numbers are slowly getting better, thanks to those who are adopting these animals, and are sterilizing them, but still that number is very very big! 

That means we have a very long way to go. It takes many people to take care of their pets, therefore the volunteers are always in high demand in almost every shelter across the country.

Time with Shelter Dogs Equals Time Well Spent

Thinking about haven hounds, specifically, takes an amazing measure of time. Assembling their dinners, tidying up after them, cleaning their pens, also strolling them, which likely is presumably the most tedious errand of all. Many canine proprietors know: taking them out, notwithstanding for a brisk excursion, can take a great deal of time. Each canine has its very own character and speed at which they like to go, and you need them to have a good time obviously! You need to make the most of their time outside since they spend such an extensive amount it cooped up in an enclosure. It would be awesome if each pooch who required a home could at any rate have only one individual to walk them and pet them on occasion. 

Indeed, the amazing cross-country group at St Joseph High School is surely doing their part. Getting together with the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter, the children each take a canine with them out on their morning run. 

Shelter representative Stacy Silva saw the high schoolers running by the safe house and figured, ‘For what reason aren’t they running our pooches?’ This is an extraordinary thought, and solid for everybody included! Encouraging camaraderie on both the human and canine side of things, and getting some cardio in simultaneously. 

Delaware is for The Dogs 

These kiddos aren’t the main ones who are venturing up where the predicament of safe house mutts is concerned. As of late, the territory of Delaware stood out as truly newsworthy when it turned into the principal state in the US to accomplish no-murder status for all its creature covers. 

This is incredible news for all our fuzzy companions as well! These folks have required a success for some time now. Much appreciated, Delaware, for venturing up! 

Anyone Can Help 

Having the option to go around, play, and cooperate with people and individual pooches is significant for a safe house canine’s “high versatility factor”. They should have the option to spend time with different canines and be social. Much the same as people, the agreeable ones are the ones who get seen the quickest. 

On the off chance that a canine is secluded constantly, they will either lose that expertise or never gain it. This makes them harder to embrace. In spite of the fact that simply having somebody to spend time with for some time probably won’t appear a lot, it truly may mean everything to a four-legged companion.

If you want to give away some of your free time, just go at the nearest local shelter and volunteer some time there. You don’t need to be part of the cross-country team or to take the dogs for a run. Most of the dogs in there just love to smell stuff, get a few scratches on their head and the back of their ears, or just go for a little walk, that’s it.

They only need interaction just like humans, so if you have an extra hour or maybe two, each other week you can volunteer to spend some time with them, it will help a lot!


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