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High School Sweethearts Torn Apart by Racism Reunite and Wed 45 Years Later

This sounds like a fairy tale. But this love story might be the best one you’ve ever heard. Let us start with a little background of the story.


This is definitely not a nice topic to talk about, but it must be spoken if only because we must not repeat our mistakes over and over again!

Loving vs. Virginia

It hasn’t generally been that since a long time ago the Supreme Court case Loving versus Virginia made interracial marriage lawful. The case was chosen in 1967 after Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, an interracial couple, sued Virginia, which had laws restricting relationships like theirs.

It was that equivalent year that Howard Andrew Foster (Andrew to his family) and Myra Clark initially started dating in secondary school. They rapidly began to look all starry eyed at, however tragically, around then, it was as yet not alright for a dark man and a white lady to be as one. 

Despite the fact that it was legitimate, it was still especially disapproved of by society.

High School Sweethearts

They were as one for the staying two years of secondary school before heading out to school. It was at school that Foster completely comprehended the suggestions their relationship would have on the remainder of their lives. 

As the main dark individual going to Columbus Technical Institute, presently Columbus State Community College, Foster confronted bigotry from his educators. ‘It didn’t make a difference how well I did the venture, it was constantly a D,’ he told the Washington Times, of one class. ‘I had never encountered that sort of bigotry, that way. I stated, ‘It’s simply not going to be great.’ I truly thought about her.’ 

Myra reviews the day Foster severed it. ‘He revealed to me that he didn’t figure we should see each other on the grounds that society wasn’t going to give us a chance to be glad.’ They embraced and left one another. 

In something that appears as though it originates from a sentiment motion picture, the two of them turned back simultaneously to wave farewell to one another. ‘I think we were stating, “See you later.”‘ says Myra of the fortunate wave.


In spite of the fact that they each had their very own lives, they thought of one another frequently. Andrew said that he ‘thought about what (his) life would have been similar to with (Myra)’, contemplating ‘what might we resemble in the event that we had remained together?’ 

It wasn’t until 2013 that they met once more. During her time working at Mount Carmel Hospice, Myra met an attendant whose little girl was hitched to Andrew’s child. They in the end reconnected on Labor Day few days of 2013 and quickly fell back in adoration. 

They were locked in by 2014 and wedded August 1 the next year, just about four decades after their underlying first date. It might have taken a very long time to happen as intended, yet they at last got their secondary school darling upbeat consummation. 

Cultivate disclosed to ABC that once they reconnected he was never going to lose her again, saying ‘For me, the way that I was staying there holding her hand, was something that I never thought could ever occur. And, I was not letting her go.’

Myra in a comment on her Facebook page said that they are having a lot of fun together with their families.

Society has come a very long way since Loving v Virginia. Researches from Gallup show that 87% of the U.S. citizens approved interracial marriages in 2013, as opposed to 4% in 1958.

Even though that we still have a long way to go, stories like this one will remind us that love knows no boundaries, and someone’s skin color doesn’t tell their worth. Spread love!


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