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Homemade Sourdough Bread: Better for Blood Sugar and Won’t Hurt Your Gut Like Gluten

Almost every nutritionist, doesn’t recommend you to include different types of bread into your everyday diet.

Here are a few reasons why:

Highly Addictive – The bread is making you more euphoric, which makes you to crave for food even more and makes you eat a lot more. Sometimes, even if we want to remove it from our everyday diet, we can’t.

Messes Up the Blood Sugar Levels – In many types of bread, there is Amylopectin-A. It is included in our metabolism and it is also the main component of starch. It puts our body in more series of low and high blood glucose. According to many researches, this ingredient is causing insulin resistance, which can later trigger type 2 diabetes.

Contains Gluten – There is nothing wrong with consuming gluten, but since many food have it in them, these days many people have started to show symptoms and signs of gluten sensitivity.

Forms Mucus – It will also compromise our respiratory system, because our airways are being blocked and clogged.

Its Nutritional Value is Low – 90% of the nutrients that are contained in the bread, are eliminated through the process of making.

Makes Our Stomach to Work Harder – Starches and gluten in the bread require more time to be processed, and they also need a lot more acids to digest. Which means, our stomach is working overtime to digest it, and many digestive complaints can be elevated.

Contains Phytates – These are plant anti-nutrients which are preventing the ability of our body to absorb minerals and vitamins.

When we see these issues, we can understand why even the healthiest foods are being questioned and investigated, which means even the sourdough bread.

Is the Sourdough Bread healthy?

Below you can see few of the many benefits of the sourdough bread, which will answer to this question.

1. Contains Good Bacteria & Wild Yeast

The sourdough bread, with these two ingredients is able to predigest the starches, it is actually supporting the work of our stomach, and the functioning of our entire digestive system.

Besides that, the lactobacilli that it contains are increasing the lactic acid production. Which is a substance that is preventing from the negative phytate effects (contained in the flour), which means that it is supporting the nutrient absorption. Meaning that the one that consumes it, will absorb all the healthy elements, minerals and vitamins that are contained in the sourdough bread.

On the other hand, the lactic acid has the ability to prevent from blood glucose spikes, because it is slowing down the glucose release in our bloodstream. Also this acid has the ability to lower the glycemic index of this bread, which means that the one that is consuming it will not be dealing with increased blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia.

Not to forget, that during the fermentation process, other beneficial bacteria is released into our gut. Meaning that the ones who are fans of the sourdough bread are having healthier guts.

2. Rich Source of Many Nutrients

It is not like the commercial types of breads, this one is a rich source of many minerals and vitamins, such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, riboflavin, folate, thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B12, vitamins B1-B6, and vitamin E, also not to forget that this bread is also very rich in fat acids and proteins.

The only thing that this type of bread is missing, and the other types have are the toxic preservatives. It is because the sourdough bread contains its natural preservative, the acetic acid, which is actually affecting the growth of molds.

3. Gluten-Intolerant Individuals can Consume It Too

This is because during the fermentation process of the bread, the good bacteria in our gut is breaking down the so called gluten proteins into much smaller portions. Which makes the sourdough bread able for consumption, four gluten-sensitive people too!

Other types of bread according to researches were proven to damage the intestinal lining in people who are gluten-sensitive, but the researches have also proven that the sourdough bread doesn’t cause any damage.

Important Note: For people who are suffering from celiac disease or some other forms of gluten intolerance, you might want to consult yourself with a specialist, and try making a gluten free sourdough started, because not all types of sourdough bread are gluten free!

So the answer to the question, “Is the sourdough bread healthier than the regular ones we eat?” – Yes, but keep in mind that balance and moderation is the key to everything!

Source: universityhealthnews.com

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