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How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

The human body is something amazing. Our bodies can do amazing stuff that we are proud of, can take us places, release what is harmful to us, and more. It is a truly beautiful and amazing process that can be compared to anything else in the world.

However, our bodies do things that are not pleasing to think about, watch and sometimes listen to. For example, human bodies lose 40,000 skin cells and at the same time produce 20 grams of body oil per day. 

People sleep approximately 8 hours per day. Can you imagine what happens and what our bodies release while we sleep? Why did I mention all of that before? Because I want you to think about the importance of washing your sheets. How many times do you wash your sheets annually?

I think that I know the answer. You probably wash them too little. That is not good because there are your cells, dust, sweat, and other secrets present on your sheets. If you do not wash them, you put yourself and your body in danger.

So, how many times do you need to wash them?

For a short matter of time, your sheets can become a paradise for parasites, bacteria, and fungi. That happens because if you do not clean your sheets, they contain food for the things I mentioned above. You have to take action and break that cycle as soon as possible.

According to a study done not that long ago, 91 percent of people change them once a week. What’s interesting about this number is the fact that these people do not actually remove them to wash them. Another study reveals that 44 percent of people wash their sheets once a month, sometimes twice a month. 11 percent wash them only when the season’s over while 5 percent of them change them once annually. 

The answer to the question – there is not a correct number because the numbers vary all the time due to different people and body requirements. To be more specific, some people sweat a lot at night while other people do not sweat but are allergic to dust mites. Others have skin issues or problematic skin that requires an increased amount of care.

Fortunately, there is a number that is acceptable for every type of person – you should wash your sheets at least once every two weeks. For those with conditions, the number is once per week according to professional experts. There is a suggestion for those that are sick as well. Sick people should keep their sheets as long as they are sick. Also, they need to wash them afterward at the highest temperature to kill the virus or bacteria and to sanitize the clothing.

When to wash sheets more often than suggested?

  • If you are sensitive to dust.
  • If you have asthma.
  • If you sweat more than usual.
  • If you have a dog or a cat.
  • If you eat in your bed.
  • If you go to bed without showering.
  • If you sleep naked.

Wash them regularly if you do all of the written things above. In that way, you will prevent exposure to animal dander, bacteria, and fungi. 

The washing practice

Do not forget to read the instructions on the label before taking action. Remember that hot water is always acceptable because it brings proper sanitation and it kills bacteria and fungi. Also, it is important to iron your sheets afterward because you additionally kill what is left. You also need to:

  • Clean your body before laying down.
  • Remove your makeup before sleeping.
  • Remove lotions and creams that tend to block your pores.
  • Stop eating on the sheets.
  • Remove your pets out of your bed.

Blankets, bedding, and duvets should not be neglected. Try to wash them every two weeks. Air your mattress as well once monthly.

Yes, this requires dedication, but the benefits are worth it. Change your sheets often and do not let something tiny harm you. Wash them on the highest heat, dry them and iron them. Keep them in a dry, cool place to avoid contamination.