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How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally (Without Medicine)

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There are two types of diabetes known to science, there is Diabetes Type One and Diabetes Type Two.

Mostly the first type is triggered due to immunity issues. Therefore experts are saying that they still haven’t found a way to cure this type, but they are saying that you can prevent from it. According to the researches, people who started suffering from this type, had someone related to them who was suffering from it long before them. So, this means that this issue is hereditary, and that genes can sometimes be dangerous and we must not forget how important they are.

Meanwhile, the second type is very different from the first one. It can only be triggered by an unhealthy diet regimen and obesity. But the good thing about it is that it can be reversed by controlling your blood sugar naturally.

Many diabetics suffering from this type are doing the same, huge mistake. They start taking medications that they get prescribed from their doctors, but they are unaware that those drugs are followed by a series of negative side effects.

These drugs or medications are causing a lot of damage to our liver and kidneys, therefore causing intolerance, and making the condition of the disease even worse. Most diabetics of this type have changed the therapies they were on, only to control the levels of blood sugar in their body, naturally, and yes it is not impossible!

Hintonia Latiflora

This is a tree, native to the dry lands with hot climates in Mexico. During the spring months this tree has wonderful white flowers on the branches. But the magical part about it is, in its bark. There was a group of German researchers who have gathered to study the effect of the bark of this tree on the patients who were suffering from type 2 diabetes.

The bark was used to make an extract from it, and that extract was able to regulate the levels of blood sugar, just as effective as the prescription drugs. And that is not all about this bark extract, it was also able to reduce the risk of cataracts, clear the constricted blood vessels, and lower the levels of blood cholesterol as well. There were no side effects seen in any patient.

Weight Loss

Losing some fat and a few extra pounds can be of great benefit. As we mentioned above, type 2 diabetes is mostly developed due to obesity (mostly from abdominal fat). Our body cannot use the insulin, therefore our cells are unable to use the sugar we intake as an energy source. From there the sugar is converted into fat. According to the researches, that fat and extra weight is the main reason why your body is stressing out and causing the development of type 2 diabetes.

Actually, even a couple of pounds are able to do a lot of damage. And doctors are recommending to their patients to control their blood sugar and lose weight naturally.


Cinnamon is quite helpful, just as the insulin. It is helping our cells to use the sugar we intake as an energy source. Some remedies might not be available to you, but the cinnamon is available to everyone. Just go to your local grocery store and purchase some high-quality ground cinnamon.

Enjoy the benefits of it, by adding it into your yogurt or oatmeal. Cinnamon can be also found in capsule form, and they are very cheap too. Find the nearest healthy food store, and you can purchase these capsules from there.


Low-intensity workouts can provide huge benefits, and the best one to preform is walking. Working out regularly will help your body to use the sugar it has as energy instead of storing it as fat. Through exercises you are able to burn huge amounts of fat that were caused from high blood sugar levels. Walk at least half an hour every day if you want to see some results, after the main meal.


Diabetics have increased levels of sugar in their blood, therefore no more sugar is needed in their body, which means that they shouldn’t eat anything that has a lot of sugar. Diabetics should avoid white rice, white flour, and refined sugar. If it is not possible to not consume them, they should at least limit their intake. This is a very strict rule for diabetics. They should eat more lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, and whole-grain foods.

It is not that hard to control your blood sugar levels as you think. Change your everyday habits, and make a healthier regimen, it is simple as that. Trust the nature and be more active. But, before you try anything new, make sure you consult yourself with a specialist.

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