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How to Reduce and Treat Toxic Mold Exposure in Your Everyday Life

We are constantly being exposed to toxic mold on daily basis, and we are not even noticing, we are exposed to it by ingestion, breathing it or touching it, and as we said, we are not even aware of this.

The mold is threatening our well-being and it is shifting and silent. It can start growing beneath our floors, behind our walls and sometimes inside of our food. We are not realizing the fact that the mold can make us very sick, and sometimes it can be deadly.

Sometimes the crippling effects from the mold are underestimated by many people. So, if the mold isn’t stopped in its growing process, than it can break down our entire immune system. Often when people are suffering of mold toxicity, they are unable to find the root of their sickness, so they become frustrated and confused.

Mold Exposure Attacks Your Performance and Health

Some types of mold are releasing invisible and poisonous chemicals, called mycotoxins, which are very difficult to eliminate. These toxins are actually able to make their own home in your environment, and by your environment we mean from clothes to furniture. These toxins are also called biotoxins, which have the ability to travel through our body and distressing our nervous system, joints, immunity and much more. They have the ability to change the way you feel, the way you think and sometimes how long you live.

Besides the mucotoxins, them molds are generating allergens and irritants as well, which are causing some reactions that are connected to someone’s sensitivities. According to the studies, from 25 to 28% of the population in North America, is having issues with water-damaged buildings.

The Symptoms of Long Exposure to Mold?

Mostly the chronic mold toxicity is misdiagnosed, only because of the symptoms that are very similar to symptoms from other syndromes and health diseases. Most commonly this issue is misdiagnosed and mistaken for Celiac disease, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and many others.

According to the researches, excessive exposure to mold toxicity can trigger:

  1. Auto-immune issues
  2. Fatigue and sleep issues
  3. Neurocognitive issues like, confusion, memory loss and brain fog.
  4. Tingling and numbness
  5. Weight fluctuation, food sensitivities, and GI problems
  6. Inflammatory problems, joint pains, and headaches
  7. Light sensitivity or blurred vision

Some opportunistic infecting diseases can affect your eyes, skin, lungs and much more if your immune system is compromised.

Where Does Mold Hide?

More than half of the buildings that are in the U.S. are having issues with water damage, which means that there are bigger chances of you being with the mold in a same room. Mostly mold appears in poorly ventilated and damp areas. In some cases it appears because of the aftermath of a flood, a leak in your roof or as a plumbing problem. Wherever water has passed before, the mold can appear very unexpectedly, under carpeting, in wooden material and behind drywall.

Even if you don’t have any leak in your home, with the dirty HVAC systems the mold can appear because they collect moisture and dust.

But the worst thing about it, is that sometimes it doesn’t need dark and damp places to grow, it can sometimes grow in arid and dry climates.

Besides from having molds in your environment, also it can be found in your food. Foods that contain more mycotoxins are wine, coffee, chocolate, nuts and grains. If you are sensitive to the mold that is in your environment, then you are very likely to be harmed by the mold that could be found in your food.

Molds are only a part of the whole environmental load we are ingesting in our body. Every day constantly we are exposed to viruses, bacteria, various chemicals, solvents and pesticides. Many unpleasant things can happen to us and our bodies if our environment isn’t optimal, which makes us very weak. If you want to increase your focus, energy levels and performance, then you must get rid of the toxic mold exposure.

What Can I Do About Toxic Mold Exposure?

Actually the general medicinal community is not 100% sure and aware about the mold’s symptoms and effects. Even though that the mold is constantly under research, and mediums are constantly writing about it, which means that the mold is becoming mainstream. If you are suspecting that mold is causing you problems, then the first thing you should do is to inform yourself good. There are some good news in this too, once you eliminate the mold from your body, it will start a recovery process immediately to go back to its normal state.

Check out these facts, as the awareness of mold is growing, the resources are too:

Work With A Professional Mold Remediation Expert

If the test for mold returns positive, then you need to start consulting yourself with a professional, in order to find the source of the mold in your environment. Also a contractor grade drying system will be required to eliminate the mold. After the mold removal, the clearing air exchanges and leaks, you need to test the environment one more time before you move back in.

Test For Mold Exposure In Your Environment

One of the most commonly used test which was developed by the EPA, is the ERMI test (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index test). This test is only taking samples of your home, office or wherever you are spending most of the time. First you need to test everything, before something goes wrong, because the situation can become worse because of the distribution of mold spores.

Support Your Body

Make sure you avoid foods that are rich in mold, yeast and fungus, such as added sugar and refined sugar. Instead, you can add some ingredients and supplements that are triggering the recovery process and the removal of toxins such as, activated charcoal, Glutathione and other products that will support you to restore and rebuild the mitochondria in your body.

Find The Right Doctor

Make sure that your doctor was trained in Shoemaker Protocol, or he should at least be familiar with some mold diseases. Your body will need to be detoxified quickly.

Be Well Informed

You should watch the movie Moldy, which is a short documentary that is covering the mold experiences, treatments, mold diagnosis, and resources from the patients, the nest professional constructors, doctors and experts in the world.

No matter what you expect, major or minor immune responses, the exposure to mold will always be accompanied with biological costs. Our surroundings are what our bodies react to, and if you eliminate these toxins from your surroundings, you can make more space in your biological resources which will give you the ability to do more in your life.


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