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How To Stop Sciatic Nerve Pain And Back Pain With Just a Tennis Ball

The back pain and the sciatic nerve pain are very common these days, in fact almost everybody is in battle with these issues every day, all across the globe. According to the studies 8 out of 10 U.S. citizens are struggling with back pain, which is the main reason why people get addicted to painkillers.

First you must know what caused the back pain, if you want to relieve from it and treat it properly.

People should know that the lower back pain was triggered a few days before the first symptoms appear, and sometimes even weeks, which is why many people are unable to find the real cause of it. We are unaware that this issue can be triggered by alcohol consumption, distractions while we preform physical activities and tasks, fatigue, as a result of sex, etc.

Most commonly chronic back pain is caused from poor posture, obesity, inactivity, and sport injuries and accidents. Also in most of the cases, the back pain will go away on its own in about a month, but it is for sure that you can speed up the recovery process.

Try relaxing for a while as soon as the pain appears, try adding ice topically on the are where the pain appeared. Try chiropractic care or acupuncture, you can also try some anti-inflammatory herbs such as ginger, curcumin and Boswellia.

You should try to stimulate your body to heal itself, because our brain remembers that any type of pain that is there for a few minutes more, it should start healing by itself.

Once your sciatic nerve is pinched in the lower back, that is the moment when sciatic nerve pain appears, which is also a very unpleasant health issue and also very serious. You can relieve from the symptoms of this issue by stretching, especially if you preform the Seated hip stretch, Piriformis stretch, Pigeon pose, and the most helpful is self-trigger point therapy with a tennis boll or you can use a foam roller instead of a tennis ball.

Lately this tennis ball massage has become a hit on the internet, because millions of people who are dealing with sciatica are treating it this way, and they find this method highly effective to relieve from the pain and treat the symptoms.

The Health Ambition, reported about the benefits:

“The Tennis Ball therapy is actually giving you the benefits from reflexology, acupressure and a massage. This therapy is able to soothe sore muscles, as well as relieve muscle tension. When it comes to treating the pain caused from sciatica, then the tennis ball is focusing on the piriformis muscle which is right next to the sciatic nerve.

Your own body weight on the little tennis ball, is actually allowing it do pinpoint directly on certain parts of the muscle. Once the ball starts to press on these painful spots, the muscle starts to release and relax. The process can sometimes be painful, but it is also gratifying. Just like getting your shoulder massaged, it hurts, but that pain is so good. The best part about this therapy is that, it doesn’t cost you anything, and you can preform it while you are at home.”

To preform the therapy follow the steps below, given by Complete Guidelines of Body Pain:

  1. Lay down on the tennis ball, find the spot where the pain appeared.
  2. Place the ball on that spot.
  3. You can just relax on the ball and stay still, or you can simply roll up and down on the ball.

The tennis ball is adding pressure to the piriformis muscle on those painful points, therefore reducing the muscle’s rigidity and tension, therefore improving its blood circulation and mobility.

Hold the position from half a minute to a minute, or until the pain is slightly reduced. Then find another painful spot. Five to ten minutes should be the total time spent on this therapy.

There are different alternative treatments that can help you yo successfully relieve from sciatica:

  • Adding firm pressure to the painful points on the piriformis muscle, glutes, and lower back muscles.
  • Yoga can help you relieve from sciatic pain very quickly.
  • You can successfully relieve from sciatic pain with acupuncture.
  • With pilates you can decrease the risk of injuries, improve the body balance and soothe pain.
  • using liniments and anti-inflammatory oils topically, can help you relieve from the pain, if applied on the painful area.
  • Chiropractic care 3 times on weekly basis, minimum.

If you want to avoid any type of pain in different areas of the body, then you must maintain a proper body posture. Also it is highly important not to sit in the same spot and position more than one hour.

Preventing Back Pain

It is much easier to prevent from back pain, than to treat it. So, if you want to prevent from it, then follow these simple tips below:

  • If you want to relieve from pain and fight against inflammation in your body, try grounding.
  • Don’t spend too many hours sitting, and mind the posture of your body. When you are standing in one place, make sure your body weight is equally divided on both of your legs.
  • To increase the strength of your spine muscles and their flexibility, as well as improve your balance, make sure you exercise at least two times on weekly basis. For example you can try foundation training exercises and yoga.
  • Optimize your vitamin levels, especially the levels of vitamin K2 and vitamin D in your body.
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day.
  • There is another therapy called K-Laser, which can help you soothe the pain, enhance the tissue healing and reduce inflammation.
  • Make sure to try some mind-body techniques, that will help you prevent from stress and to address psychological factors.
  • Rest well, and when you sleep make sure you are in a good position. Before you go to bed stretch a little bit, and make sure you sleep on the side.
  • The blood flow in our lower spine is decreased by smoking, so you need to stay away from that habit, because it is also promoting degeneration of our spinal disks.


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