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Huge Lion Surprises Photographer With Scary Roar, Then Smiles At Him

In the ‘Letters of Vincent Van Gogh’, Van Gogh says to his brother:

Go on, and just keep your love of nature, because that is the right way to understand art better and better. Painters understand the nature, and they love her, also they’re teaching us to see.

Can you imagine working outside in the nature?

Wildlife photographers are simply blessed, as they are struggling to get the best shot, they are mingling with nature, they come face to face with some of the rarest animals, they relate with wildlife, and allow their mind to be calm and relaxed.

Well, about the last one we’re not quite sure, because the adrenaline levels can sometimes pop up high when you’re out in the wild.

A 69 year old wildlife photographer, Gren Sowerby, has been taking pictures of wildlife animals for more than forty years, and he was still shocked as never before.

This photographer lives in Whitley Bay, Northumberland, and he claims that it is a huge pleasure for him to spend his time around untamed beasts, but in September, when he went on a safari in Maasai Mara, in Kenya, he had a very unusual experience!

He saw a big lion about 50 feet away from him, and he took his camera to shoot some photos of this amazing animal.

He said:

I was about 15 meters away, and the lion was not alone, there was a lioness with him, she was crossing a stream at that moment. They surely had a meal in the bushes, and I think that the roar that he gave to me was to say that he was very full.

I was dragged back from his size and roar. From him being very quiet and still, and then for him to roar that loudly was a big shock for me.

He only roared ti say – I’m the King of the Jungle, and I could not believe it when he gave me a smile, just like when somebody gives you a smile and winks at you.

Even though that Gren was shocked, he stayed at his spot and took a picture of the moment:

I was more than happy with my photos, I only looked at them when I got home. I go on these safaris on regular basis, and enjoy taking pictures of the wildlife animals.

They have grown up with these safaris and they are totally used to tourists and cars. The King of the Jungle is always something you need to capture, therefore I’m more than happy that I got the shots!


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