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Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication

The most obvious way to express your feeling for someone, is to say ‘I love you’. However, this is not the best way. Because our words will mean nothing if they are not mirroring our actions. And here is why we can express our feelings and emotions to someone, through our gestures.

And the easiest way to do that is to hug the person you love. Hugging is the perfect way to express affection, happiness and satisfaction, because it involves establishing a very close physical connection with that person. And that is not all people, because it turns out that hugs are very important for our health in general as well.

A very well known therapist and author, Virginia Satir, says that hugs are vital for our personal growth and survival. They are actually essential for one’s comfort and health as well. There are researches on the topic which are also proving the benefits of hugging. And according to these researches, hugs are elevating our positive emotions.

Here are the top 7 reasons why hugs are very important for our health and well-being:

1. Lower Stress

Hugs have a very positive effect on our mental health. Hugs can relax us and calm fears, by reducing the levels of cortisol. They are also able to improve our mood, and make us feel less stressful, and calm as well.

2. Hugs Benefit Our Overall Health

According to a 2014 study, hugging has the ability to lower the levels of stress and stimulate our immune system. People who get hugs on daily basis, have a very stronger immune system, therefore they are less likely to get sick. Here’s another reason why hugging is good for our health.

3. Relieve Emotional Pain

If you are depressed, grieving over a loss, or sad hugs can actually be very helpful to overcome the pain. Hugging is going to make you feel a lot more relaxed, and can balance your emotions, which is very necessary if you’re going through a hard period.

4. Hugs Are a Means of Communication

We typically speak with others verbally or with facial expressions. Be that as it may, people can likewise send messages to one another through touch. 

A research claims that individuals who don’t have any acquaintance with one another can send and get messages by contacting various pieces of their bodies. A portion of the feelings that can be communicated along these lines are contempt, stress, disturb, profound respect, gratefulness, delight, distress, and empathy. 

Here is the reason embracing which is soothing could without much of a stretch assist us with communicating our thankfulness and warm feelings for someone else.

5. Boosts Confidence & Relieve Anxiety

Individuals who experience the ill effects of nervousness would feel increasingly soothed subsequent to being embraced. This is additionally affirmed by researchers who demonstrated that embraces can facilitate the dread in unconfident individuals. 

Here is the thing that mental researcher and scientist Sander Koole of VU University Amsterdam said for Psychologicalscience: 

Interpersonal touch is such a ground-breaking component, that even articles that reproduce contact by someone else may assist with ingraining in people a feeling of existential significance.

6. Activate Chakras of the Body

Fortunately, hugging can actually activate very important chakras of our body, such as for instance the Solar Plexus Chakra. Hugs are also stimulating the thymus gland, therefore provoking our body to increase the production of white blood cells.

7. Help the Parasympathetic System Function Properly

Also another very important benefit from hugging is the fact that it can change our skin. The galvanic skin response of someone who is hugged, or is hugging, is showing a change in the skin conduction. This results in higher levels of electricity and humidity of the skin, which is a sign that the parasympathetic nervous system is functioning much better.

Undoubtedly, giving hugs is making us and our loved ones much healthier and happier!

So, we hope from now on that you will hug your close and loved ones more often.


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