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If the Mosquitos Always go Straight for You, Here’s What You Need to Know

Throughout the winter we trust that the climate will get hotter so we can continue with our standard open air exercises. Winter ends and we’re happy, hauling out our BBQs, sprinkle cushions, and running shoes, until we remember what the warm climate additionally brings – Mosquitoes!

In general, mosquito action will start when the temperature reaches the 50° F. The unimportant referencing of the awful creepy insects brings back an attack of memories from the past summer: Itch creams, bug spray, allergic reactions, and itchy welts. They’re an incredible tool to ruin our summer, but for what reason do they bite certain people more than others?

Why Am I a Mosquito Magnet?

On the off chance that you seem to receive many bug bites ,each time you step outside, consider these reasons behind why you might be attracted to the itchy bite:

You have a O Blood Type

Truly, the little bloodsuckers even have their most loved blood to suck. As indicated by research, Type O is twice as attractive to mosquitoes than some other blood types. They are least attracted to blood type A.

You’re Wearing Bright or Dark Clothes

Milder or lighter hues that mix in with the light will in general camouflage you from mosquitoes, while splendid or obscurely shaded garments intrigue them.

You’ve Been Drinking

Alcohol tends to boost your digestion, which thusly supports your CO2 output, which thus draws in mosquitoes. Mosquitoes appear to have a preference however. They love beer the most!

You’re Pregnant

Pregnant women radiate elevated amounts of CO2 which is attractive to mosquitoes.

You Need to Shower

Sweat is a standout among the most alluring fragrances to mosquitoes, especially to the breeds conveying sicknesses like intestinal sickness. The microscopic organisms that influence your old perspiration to have a scent smells sweet to mosquitoes.

So make sure to wash regularly and not utilize such a large number of sweet-smelling cleansers or aromas as they can draw in mosquitoes as well.

You’re Athletic

Truly, taking care of your health physically has its own downsides as well. Mosquitoes are in love with Lactic Acid, which our bodies produce after a workout.

How do I Keep Them Away from Me?

In order to prevent from mosquitoes from biting you, make sure you keep away things that they are attracted to. Taking care of stagnant water in your yard and keeping your grass trimmed properly are the first two things you want to do, if you want to keep mosquitoes away. Here’s what you can do, to prevent them from biting you:

Eat Chili Peppers, Onions and Garlic

These are notable foods that make your body less inviting to mosquitoes.

Avoid Going Where Mosquitoes are Most Likely to Be

tall grasses, twist less backwoods, dormant water, and so on. Mosquitoes like the glow, soggy, and stillness.

Use Bug Repellents

These can be found at the store, or you can blend your very own by consolidating lemon, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oils. Mosquitoes depend intensely on their feeling of smell, and using smells they don’t care for spares you from some irritated knocks.

Wear Lighter, Thicker Clothes

Because their bites can’t penetrate. While this sounds like torture during the more sweltering months, you’ll spare yourself a great deal of skin disturbance and exacerbation.

Shower Often

As talked about, mosquitoes love the aroma of sweat. Hold that smell down and you’ll decrease your mosquito bites.


Mosquitoes are attracted to certain things. Recognizing what they like, therefore using those things that can change you from a mosquito magnet to a mosquito repellent. Simply don’t be afraid to shower more often, be aware of your environment and coat yourself in bug repellent. On the off chance that you do succumb to a couple of bites all over, figure out how to regard the issue too.


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