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‘I’ll Be There For You.’ Sometimes Even The Strongest People Need To Hear These Words.

You’re the strong one, who cares of everyone and always. However, is there anyone who would take care of you, if you needed help?

People are thinking that there’s simply nothing that can touch you or hurt you, and they think that you are invulnerable. Whenever somebody needs an advice or a shoulder to cry on, they always choose you! For those around you, nothing can touch you, and you’re always in control of your emotions.

And really, you just feel like the titan Atlas, holding the world on your back.

But you cannot show any weakness, now that everybody is depending on you to be the strongest one.

They are expecting you to take each obstacle on your way, as if it is nothing, and just move on like you always do.

Everything you do is give. In the mean time, all you need is somebody who might do that for you. 

Nobody ever truly considers how you’re feeling since they know, whatever occurs, you will be alright. Now and then individuals overlook that you have sentiments and feelings as well. That you convey a heart inside you. Furthermore, this great heart of yours is currently burnt out on giving, without getting anything consequently. It has been attacked million pieces to help other people fix their own hearts. Presently it’s frantic for somebody to deal with it while it’s mending. 

Your heart merits unlimited love. But then, you despite everything battle to discover it. Despite the fact that you are the intense one, the person who consistently has the correct answers, and realizes how to manage any circumstance, you endure. You are harming, and nobody sees it. 

Nobody really knows what made you strong, and what you go through in order to stay calm in the fire, that is burning your soul.

Who saves the savior?

As you endure peacefully, no one notification how much agony lies somewhere down in your eyes. However, you hurt trusting somebody will see this torment and assist you with experiencing it. You have to get the adoration you give. You have to get notification from another person that soon there is no reason to worry. 

That is the scourge of the solid ones. Nobody genuinely realizes the battle you’re experiencing. Others have no clue how depleted and alone you feel at times. At the point when you understand that nobody will act the hero your spirit, you suck it up and lift it without anyone else. Like you generally do. 

All things considered, you’ve done it commonly previously. You know the sentiment of having nobody to deal with you truly damn well at this point. Again, you attempt to persuade yourself that you needn’t bother with any other person to spare you. 

You’re strong enough to do it yourself.

Be that as it may, in all actuality, you are in urgent need of a guardian angel. Furthermore, that is consummately fine. You shouldn’t be hesitant to let it out. Regardless of how intense you trust you will be, you are just human. Your heart isn’t made of steel. Here and there even the most grounded individuals need somebody to assist them with financially recovering and quiet their brains.

You’re not bulletproof, you have feelings just like everyone else, and those feelings can also get hurt. You’re amazing for giving everybody so much, but your soul is already too tired. It desperately needs to take a break from all the burden that being the strong one is.

Don’t just be afraid to show your vulnerability. Remember that after all you’re only human. Stop giving your precious energy, to the people who don’t deserve it. Instead of doing so, invest it in your own well being. You cannot save everybody. But you can still save yourself!