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I’m a ‘Mean Mom’

Being pregnant is one of the toughest challenges in life, but at the same time this is the most noble role. When we were growing up, everything was a lot different, compared to our children, which are raised through different methods.

Were your parents strict when you were a kid? Probably when you were a child, your parents told you that you must do your homework on your own, and do the chores also. Our parents did us a huge favor, for not supporting our creativity.

When it comes to raising children, there are not exact or definite rules on how to do it, but parents must remember that they are raising adults. Being a mean mom or dad does not mean that you have to beat or yell or hit your child. This is simply a way to make your kid follow the rules that you set.

Liz Nielman explained this perfectly:

She is saying that her children are being punished when they don’t follow the rules. and they do chores even when they are very tired. Unusual for other parents, her kids are doing hard tasks and they go to bed very early. The children are going to baseball, soccer and piano even when they don’t feel like going.

The kids are not eating a lot of candies and chocolate, they read books on regular basis as well. They are always studying for their exams and they are wearing bike helmets when they ride. They are not allowed to watch rated R movies, and they don’t drink soda. Most of the time, they are not getting what they want.

Liz never wanted to be a kind parent, she is making decisions for her children that they don’t like sometimes, but of course she loves them with all her heart. Liz made a promise to them that she will fight for them and protect them until the day she leaves.

Her kids are doing chores, only to learn how it’s like to have responsibilities. They need to vacuum and clean their rooms on their own.

Don’t do your kid’s chores, let them do it themselves. That way you are doing them a huge favor. If you start helping them with their things, they will grow into very lazy adults and they won’t know what it’s like in life.

Let them fail in some things, that is the only way to learn!


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