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Italian Engineers Turn Snorkeling Masks Into Life-Saving Ventilators

These times are very hard for everybody, because on daily basis we’re facing many challenges. The new coronavirus pandemic shocked the world, and its fast spread increased the demands for necessary equipment and qualified specialists.

However, many companies and innovators are struggling to create some new solutions to these problems, which arise with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

To meet the demands, and help during the crisis, the engineers at ISINNOVA have teamed up with medical experts and Decathlon to make new life-saving ventilators.

They are turning the full-face snorkeling masks, in masks that can be hooked to medical breathing machines, therefore people that are infected by the virus an be supported.

Innovators are seeking alternatives in the case, of a lack of medical equipment.

Dr. Renato Favero, previous head doctor at the Gardone Valtrompia Hospital, had a plan to moderate the lack of C-PAP veils, and he moved toward engineers Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Romaioli of ISINNOVA, a designing organization, in Brescia, a city in Lombardy that has seen a large number of COVID-19 deaths. 

With the coronavirus flare-up, the requirement for these covers, that are utilized in sub-serious treatment, significantly expanded. 

In this way, the possibility of Dr. Favero was to alter promptly accessible scuba jumper covers into masks that can be associated with a ventilating machine. 

In a blog post, ISINNOVA wrote: 

Specialist Favero imparted to us a plan to fix the conceivable deficiency of emergency clinic C-PAP covers for sub-escalated treatment, which is rising as a solid issue connected to the spread of Covid-19. It’s the development of a crisis ventilator cover, acknowledged by altering a snorkeling mask effectively accessible available.

Italian engineers built up an approach to transform snorkeling masks into ventilation masks.

Italian engineering company ISINNOVA cooperated with Decathlon and clinical specialists to make and test it.

Soon, Decathlon, an outdoor supplies retailer, was engaged with the task as a maker, and provider of the Easybreath snorkeling mask.

ISINNOVA considered and changed the CAD structures, including the plan and 3D printing of the Charlotte and Dave valves, the part between that interfaces the cover and the breathing machine tubes. 

Dr. Fracassi and Mr. Romaioli have just structured and printed plastic valves, and afterward discovered that a neighborhood medical clinic came up short on these fundamental parts and chose to help. 

ISINNOVA tried the model on one of their associates inside Chiari Hospital, and it was fruitful. The veil was there tried on one patient and the new altered ventilation cover breezed through the assessment without a hitch. 

Fracassai and Romaioli have explained: 

The emergency clinic itself was energetic about the thought and chosen to test the gadget on a patient out of luck. The testing was fruitful. 

We don’t express this to gloat, however to show what is conceivable. In a snapshot of emergency, and in a minute when trade internationally is closing down, there are as yet many do-it-without anyone’s help methods for helping the individuals around you.

They additionally made outlines accessible for free with the goal that medical clinics could make them in emergencies.

They uploaded a video, of how its done in easy 5 steps on YouTube.

In addition, they made the diagrams and guidelines accessible on the web, for nothing out of pocket, with the goal that different medical clinics can assemble and utilize them as well. 

This is a simple and reasonable approach to settle the issue with the absence of veils, as the Easybreath snorkeling masks from Decathlon can be purchased for €25, and they would 3d be able to print the valves all alone. 

However, some snorkeling specialists presume the security of full-face veils, because of the abundance carbon dioxide developing inside them. 

In addition, despite the fact that the development takes care of the issue with the covers, there will in any case be an absence of ventilators. 

According ISINNOVA, the masks ought to be utilized if there is no other alternative.

However, ISINNOVA clarified that the veils and the connection valves are not guaranteed, so they ought to be utilized just when they are completely vital. 

They cost around €25, which is four times cheaper than C-PAP masks.

The printing and assembling masks should be made by specialists only, and the valve has been patented as well, to prevent any speculation on pricing.

This is a full video, which explains the assembling of the masks.

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