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It’s science: Giving Experiences Instead Of Toys Boosts Your Kid’s Intelligence And Happiness

It is a fact: Happiness on Christmas morning is not measured by how many presents are under the tree, even with children in your home, who might have a wish list. According to studies, it was discovered that giving your children too many toys might result in the opposite of the effect you desired, actually they can be less happy.

Clair Lerner, a childhood development researcher, is suggesting that when children are given an abundance of games and toys, they play less. Too many toys can be very overwhelming and distracting for them, which leads to them losing the concentration needed to learn from the toys.

Ms. Lerner’s discoveries are also echoed by Michael Malone, who is a professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Cincinnati. His research has proven that fewer and better toys can lead to elevated cooperation and sharing, both valuable life skills. Also, too many toys encourage a lot more solitary play, while causing a sense of unproductive overload.

So what does that actually mean, mom? There is no need to stress about getting everything on the children’s wish list. Spending some time with your children is a lot more valued!

In an investigation of 3,000 3 to 5 year-olds at Oxford University, it was discovered that children’s academic success was increasingly reliant on their home environment and parent’s involvement than the toys or electronic gadgets they are given. 

The individuals who had less toys and no gadgets, yet had guardians who invested more energy with them, improved in school and in numerous territories of social and passionate advancement, proposing that guardians’ consideration is superior to any toy or screen. 

What’s more, on the off chance that we need one more motivation to cool it on the toy giving, analysts have found that appreciation and liberality increment when encounters are given rather than objects. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology teacher at Cornell University, directed numerous examinations over numerous decades and found that bliss is gotten from experiences, not things.

Bottom line is: The happiness derived from a childhood experience, is a lot more significant than the excitement of toys under the Christmas tree. Giving Experiences that include spending time together, instead of giving them toys brings a longer and far bigger joy. Don’t stress about how many toys you’re going to give your children. Just focus on making some new memories.


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