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Jamaican Hostel Will Give You a Free Joint In Exchange For Collecting One Bucket of Trash

When you think of Jamaica, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Rum? Reggae? Bob Marley? Rastafarianism? Ganja? Or maybe, white sandy beaches?

We strongly believe that every tourist’s deeam is to visit this small island. Well, we’ve got a reason more to encourage you to save some money and visit it at last.

A German hostel named Germaican, that is located in Port Antonio, in Jamaica, is offering a fat, and free joint for every bucket of trash people are collecting from the beach.

This is a very good marketing trick for a very worthy cause! A post that was posted by the hostel has went viral pretty quickly, since it announced that the hostel is giving away free joints in exchange for buckets filled with garbage.

Marian Erbach, a 33 year old German native, who is the owner of the hostel suggested the idea, after he was devastated from the amount of garbage on the beaches, especially from the plastic waste, all over the island!


Erbach clarified: 

This sea shore is on the east coast. The water stream carries a great deal of trash to the sea shore, for the most part plastics, every single distinctive kind from everywhere throughout the world. 

I was simply completely annoyed with all the trash around us, so the most recent months I did a great deal of research about junk, particularly about plastic refuse,” said Erbach. “I regularly observed a few pics where individuals offered free espresso for a basin of waste.

He included that his girlfriend was joking, saying that, in Jamaica, they should offer free spirits. 

The inn proprietor at that point folded 56 grams of weed into 56 joints, which is the greatest cannabis sum that one can convey in Jamaica, and very soon, his arrangement accomplished his objective. 


He put a sign on the sea shore, and in thirty minutes, the main sea shore cleaner to get the junk container. 

Marian included: 

Perhaps the most clever thing pretty much all that, the two pails I purchased were more costly than every one of the joints. The basins are at the bar by my sign, so take up a can, walk the sea shore, fill it, carry it to the bar and get a spliff.

These are presents, and all the garbage that’s collected will be taken to the local garbage collection, and they’re taking it to the landfills.

Lovers of marijuana fell in love with the idea, and all of a sudden, the beaches around the hostel became a lot cleaner!



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