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Learn What The Color Of Your Urine Means!

The primary role of the kidneys is to clean the blood. As a waste product of the blood cleansing, they produce urine, which is later sent to the bladder. If the bladder function is reduced, the urine will start to accumulate and return to the kidneys.

The urinary tract function is of an extreme importance for the overall health, because it filters the wastes and excess fluids from the body. If the kidneys function properly, they prevent the waste and fluid accumulation in the body and produce red blood cells. Moreover, they stabilize the levels of electrolyte in the body, strengthen the bones, and produce hormones that regulate the blood pressure.

Usually, the urine has a yellow color and consists of creatinine, urea, dissolved compounds, and numerous other organic compounds. If accumulated and not expelled, these waste substances might be dangerous to the body organs. Therefore, they should be regularly expelled from our body.

The urine gets its color as a result of urobilin, which is a waste product of the old red blood cells breakdown. The smell and color of the urine speak a lot about your body condition. Sometimes, it can become orange, dark red, transparent, or pink. Take a look at what the meaning of these symptoms is:

Light-yellow: Your health is in a great state, as this color is the usual color of the urine.

Medium-yellow:  Your body is dehydrated. Whenever you notice this, drink several glasses of water.

Dark-yellow: Your body is extremely dehydrated. Increase the water intake immediately to prevent kidney damage.

Transparent: This color isn’t a warning sign. Instead, it means that you drink too much water, which might affect the chemical balance in the body.

Orange: You have high levels of bilirubin in the blood, urinary tract infections, liver diseases, gallstones stuck in the bile, and use of certain medications.

Cloudy urine: Symptom of a bladder infections or tissue, proteins, and mucus broken down in it.

Pink: You have blood drops in the urine. Visit your urologist ASAP in order to diagnose the problem and check the issue.

Dark pink: Bladder infection or even cancer. Visit your doctor immediately.

Red: Your urine is rich in blood. Find a proper treatment to solve this issue.

Blue and green urine: This color signifies an extreme medication usage or consumption of colored food (with artificial green or blue colors).

Brown: Kidney disorder or strenuous exercise.

Take a look at the following chart which will give you a detailed insight of the meaning of the different colors of the urine:


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