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Lose 30 lbs with This 7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan

All of us are aware how bad the sugar is four overall health, but we are also aware that very few of us are able to completely get rid of it and ditch it away for good.

But we all know that it is impossible to avoid it totally, because it is one of the most used ingredients into almost every food and drink there is on the market. And the worst part is, that it is very addictive!

According to a study by Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the sugar is actually as addictive as cocaine, because it is increasing the levels of dopamine as we consume it.

The scientists explained that people who are consuming sugar for a longer period, their levels of dopamine will later be decreased, which means they will need to consume even more so that they normalize those levels.

You can notice that you are addicted to sugar, if you cannot resist the wonderful smell of a chocolate cake. And below we will show you one of the most important reasons, why yous should eliminate sugar:

  • Subdues the immune system
  • Could engender gallstones
  • Increases the levels of serotonin
  • Highly addictive
  • Has no nutrition value
  • Increases the risk of diabates
  • Drains energy from you
  • Increases the risk of heart issues
  • Depletes body minerals
  • Boosts the aging process
  • Increases the risk of arthritis
  • Weakens your eyesight
  • Causes adrenal fatigue

And these are also the main reasons why we would like to present to you this seven day detoxification method, and it will also help you to overcome the sugar addiction.

7 Day Detox Menu


  • Breakfast: Baked eggs and cheesy spinach
  • Morning Snack: Tamari almonds
  • Lunch: A green salad with some low carbs cheesy sweet pepper
  • Evening Snack: 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 3 drops of vanilla stevia, and 1/4 cup of low fat and part skim ricotta cheese
  • Dinner: stuffed chicken, tomato cucumber feta salad with spinach


  • Breakfast: Sundried tomato feta frittata
  • Morning Snack: Tamari almonds
  • Lunch: Chicken & spinach with some pepper peppers
  • Evening Snack: Raw vegetables and spinach
  • Dinner: Sauteed spinach and some peppers, mushrooms with some turkey lettuce

Throughout the whole day if you feel hunger have some cheese sticks.


  • Breakfast: A peanut butter protein smoothie
  • Morning Snack: Three boiled eggs
  • Lunch: A green salad with some cucumber, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, regular olive oil, sweet peppers, tomatoes with some turkey lettuce
  • Evening Snack: Frittata with some feta cheese
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken and some veggie soup. Add any type of fresh herbs in the meal.

As a snack on this day you can have some vanilla chia pudding, with no sugar or dairy.


  • Breakfast: Santa Fe Frittata’s
  • Morning Snack: Cheese sticks
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken cilantro salad
  • Evening Snack: Celery with some peanut butter
  • Dinner: Small cubes of Zucchini cheese, with some crock pot chicken with bean stew

As an extra snack on this day you are allowed to consume cucumber with half a cup of low-fat cottage.


  • Breakfast: Santa Fe frttata’s
  • Morning Snack: Dip some raw veggies in a spicy Mediterranean feta sauce
  • Lunch: A bowl filled with tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber and make a soup out of it, with a green salad with regular olive oil and extra virgin olive oil
  • Evening Snack: Tomatoes, cucumber with some feta cheese
  • Dinner: Cheesy bread sticks

For an extra snack you can have some vanilla chia pudding, but ask yourself do you really need it.


  • Breakfast: Crust free egg muffins
  • Morning Snack: Dip some veggies in Spicy Mediterranean sauce
  • Lunch: Cheesy bread sticks
  • Evening Snack: Dip raw vegetables in Spicy Mediterranean sauce
  • Dinner: Chicken drumsticks with some lemon, Zucchini noodles and garlic

If you feel hunger between meals, you can only consume 3 hard boiled eggs but without their yolks.


  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with some sauteed spinach and mushrooms
  • Morning Snack: Half cup of cottage cheese
  • Lunch: Light vegetable soup with some Zucchini soup
  • Evening Snack: Tamari almonds
  • Dinner: Chicken drumsticks and green bean salad

If you crave for an extra snack, you can have some dairy-free chia pudding.

Give this one week plan a try and let us know what you think, share the article with your family and friends if you find it interesting and helpful!


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