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Man Who Grew Up Without A Father Makes Videos To Teach Children Basic Household Skills And More

During the past couple of months, people found countless ways to kill some time while they’re stuck at home. Some have tried books they’ve never read before or didn’t have time for, others have tried cooking, many have developed some DIY skills, and some have even picked up new hobbies.

However, many have been surprised to discover a very explosive YouTube channel, that goes by the name ‘Dad, How Do I’.

The story of Rob Kenney and his dad, fascinated a lot of people around the world.

When rob was in his teenage years, his father left him with his siblings, so he had to cope with life all alone, and that’s where he got the inspiration from to create this channel and share some ‘practical Dadvice for some everyday tasks’.

Rob is now married, and he has two beautiful children, a daughter Kristine who is 27 years old, and a son, named Kyle.

He says:

My objective in life was to raise acceptable grown-ups, thus then when I got to, you know, mid 50s, I’d sensed that I’d just done that.

The enchanting and supportive Chicago father utilized his spare time now because of the isolate to transfer basic and short recordings with directions on the best way to handle straightforward family unit burdens and essential DIY tasks.

His recordings spread different themes, similar to how to tie a tie, how to check the oil and tire pressure, how to unclog a sink, and how to press a conventional shirt.

He says:

I need it to be about regular undertakings, yet I likewise might want to go along a portion of the intelligence I’ve learned en route to support individuals. I thought I was simply going to tell individuals the best way to do stuff, however it’s sort of resounding on an entire diverse level.

He propelled his instructional YouTube channel on April 1.

After some time, his recordings have gotten viral, and he’s become the internet’s substitute dad, with more than 2 million subscribers on his channel!

Some of his videos have gone viral on some other platforms. Also a Tweet that was praising his efforts has gone viral, with more than 6,000 replies, thanking Kenney for his support and advice.

People love his very positive paternal attitude, and the hips he gives which distract them from the mundane life, that we’re forced to live today. The devoted father quickly became a father figure to everybody who tunes in his videos.

This man is melting hearts, all around the world!


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