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Meet The Harpy Eagle, A Bird So Big, Some People Think It’s A Person In A Costume

Most of the time people are surprised when they see the size of this bird, it is a harpy eagle. This bird is massive, it is one of the biggest birds in the world. It is majestic, it’s proud and it’s fierce. It has a very serious and at the same time goofy face.

The harpy eagle is so peculiar that from one angle it looks like a human is dressed in a costume to play a bird from the Uncanny Valley. From another angle it looks like a Pokemon. And from another angle it looks like some creature that has been kept hidden in Area 51, after a spacecraft crash.

The Harpy Eagle is a bird of prey that lives in the Rainforest, and it is Huge!

The pictures of the Harpy eagles are very popular on the internet. Actually one compilation of photos of a harpy eagle got more than 91,600 upvotes in less than 24 hours on Reddit. And one picture from the compilation got more than 120,000 views on Imgur as well.

Some people think that Harpy Eagles look like people wearing a Bird Costume

After all, the harpy eagles shouldn’t be taken lightly, they are still birds of prey. There are two different types of harpy eagles: the Papauan and the American type.

Harpy Eagles look incredibly serious and goofy at the same time!

The harpy eagles are the most powerful and one of the biggest predators in the rainforest. Also they are the largest species of eagles on the planet! Their wingspan can reach up to 2,5 meters (more than 7 feet), and they can weigh from 5 to 10 kg (10 to 20 pounds or more).

The bird has a very peculiar face

They usually live in the upper layer of the forests, and because of the destruction of their natural habitat, they are nearly extinct in Central America. There are about 50,000 harpy eagles left in the entire world. In Brazil the harpy eagles are known by another name which is even cooler, they are known as the royal-hawk.

The eagle’s talons are nothing to laugh at

According to Fact Zoo, the harpy eagles can eat larger prey, such as lizards, snakes, birds, coatis, sloths, tree porcupines, monkeys, etc. And we are very glad that ‘people’ are not on its list!


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