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Meet Thor, The Most Beautiful Bengal Cat In The World!

Thor is the most beautiful Bengal cat in the entire world, he is simply majestic and he enchants everybody that he meets.

This cat has a unique sandy fur and emerald green eyes, and as soon as the photos of him appeared on the internet, they’ve gone viral! As the mesmerizing green eyes are very attractive, paired with the fur pattern, Thor looks like a little Bengal tiger.

Rani Cucicov is the owner of the cat, and he reported that he feels like a servant, and everybody around Thor feels that way, as soon as he opens his mouth. But, he also said that they get a lot of love in return from Thor.

Rani said that Thor is an active and lovable cat, just like every other cat. Sometimes before he goes to bed, he likes to climb on the walls and the furniture, but then after a couple of minutes, he goes to sleep. Also he goes up to the door to see the visitors that ring the bell, and he meows if he likes them.

The personality of Thor is domineering, just like a tiger’s personality, therefore he expects to be treated like the king of cats, even though that he spends most of his time giving affection and love to the ones around him.



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