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Missing Dog Returns Home With Two New Friends He’d Made Along The Way

True friendship dos not have rules. Sometimes we say that friends are the family we choose, but animals, especially dogs, are sometimes a lot more dedicated and experienced to this bond than humans!

And the time spent with friends is a lot more valuable when it’s filled with happiness, fun, adventures and joy. Laura and Kyle Krier were disturbed when their black Labrador, named Bo, disappeared from their back yard.

He just sneaked out of his Concordia home, and went on an adventure by himself!

Kyle wrote in a post:

My wife told me that Bo was with another dog in the back yard, and they took off and didn’t come back. We were looking all over the place and we just couldn’t find him. 

Then we both decided to go home and wait for him to come back, but he never did. The next morning, I got up earlier in order to go out and try to find some clues and signs of him, anywhere.\

With almost giving up hope on Bo returning home, the Kriers were overwhelmed with joy when they heard the good news, when Laura got a call:

Somebody called my wife and told her that they almost hit a black labrador, together with a white labrador and a got, on the road. My wife quickly called me and told me about the news, that it might be our dog. I was at work, and I left as soon as I heard the news. Then I saw the new crew in a cut corn field, on both sides of the highway.

There is video in which Bo recognizes his owner, and he comes running through the cornfield as fast as he can. His new friends the goat and the white labrador also followed him, and Kyle encouraged them to jump in too:

Hey there little goat, you want to get in with us in the truck too? Get in the back, make yourself at home!

The three friends were more than happy when they all climbed in the car. However the goat and the other dog were very familiar to Kriers.

The pair are named Libby and Ozzy, and they belong to the Kriers’ neighbors, Shawna and Chris Huggans.

Shawna said:

It is very difficult to say of Bo the black labrador or Libby and Ozzy were the cause for starting the adventure. However, they managed to somehow escape. And they’re best pals for sure.

Krier said:

This is the type of the story you tell your friends and family about, and they don’t believe in it. But, then they watch the video and see that it really happened.

He also added:

It is very funny. Bo is a little crazy, the is filled with energy an is always up to something. He is a very sweet and nice dog.

That’s why we expect a lot more adventures in the future of this fantastic trio!

Here you can watch the whole video of the adventure: Missing Dog Returns Home With Two New Friends He’d Made Along The Way .


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