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Mix This With Orange Juice to Flush Nicotine Out Of Your Body

One of the most difficult tasks is to quit smoking. The way you are trying to get rid of that habit does not matter, whether it is hypnosis, using the nicotine patch or some other way, it is still very hard. Millions of people all across the globe are smoking cigarettes, and each time they puff one, they are putting their lives and overall health at a high risk.

If you are a smoker, you wanted to quit smoking and you haven’t succeeded in any way, then you are about to achieve what you wanted, only with the help of cream of tartar. It might be shocking, but the cream of tartar contains countless health benefits that can rapidly boost your overall health. Besides that it is able to provide many health benefits for you, it will also boost the nicotine elimination from your system and your body.

Before we get on how the cream of tartar is able to eliminate nicotine, you should find out about few of the health benefits that this cream can provide from you.

The cream of tartar is in powder form, and it contains strong acidic properties, therefore being able to relieve from acne and clear your skin, and boost its health.

Instead of adding cream of tartar topically, which can be dangerous, you should mix it in an 8 ounce glass of orange juice or water and consume it every day.

Doing this will eliminate the bacteria that is responsible for the appearance of the acne.

Besides that the cream is able to eliminate the bacteria that is causing the appearance of acne, and decreasing its production, the cream of tartar is also able to reduce your blood pressure.

Can you believe that in only 100g of cream of tartar, there are 16.500mg of potassium.

If you are having higher blood pressure, due to the lack of potassium in your body, than consuming a teaspoon of cream of tartar, mixed in a glass of water will surely help. Drink it before you go to sleep.

The ability to lower your blood pressure is not the cream of tartar’s biggest and most important one. It is also able to stabilize the pH levels of the urine. If you have ever dealt with any type of urinary tract infection, then you know how important these urine pH levels are.

The cream of tartar is able to relieve you from any urinary tract infection, and eliminate the bacteria that triggered it.

If you want to reduce the urinary tract infection symptoms, you only need to mix a few drops of lemon and the cream of tartar in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this mixture 2 times on daily basis.

2mg of magnesium are contained in only 100g of cream of tartar. According to many researches and doctor reports, the cream of tartar can successfully decrease of arthritis pain.

Health experts and some doctors have recommended, taking a warm bath with some Epsom salts and a few tablespoons of cream of tartar, and then soaking inside can be highly beneficial for your overall health.

Below you fill finally find out, how the cream of tartar is eliminating nicotine out of your body and adding some orange juice as well.

You are familiar with the fact that from 48 to 72 hours are needed for you to completely get rid of the nicotine in your system, of course if you are a smoker.

The cream of tartar is not only able to eliminate nicotine from your system if you mix it with orange juice. The orange juice is also able to change the nicotine taste, so it will be pretty bad tasting. The orange juice also contains huge amounts of vitamin C.

Mixing the cream of tartar in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, you will store your body with the needed nutrients and vitamins. So if you feel any need of smoking a cigarette, then in a glass of fresh orange juice, mix ½ a teaspoon of cream of tartar, and you will help your body very much with this step.


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