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More Effective Than Morphine, and Probably Growing in Your Backyard! This Wild Plant Is Nature’s Strongest Pain Killer

A standout among the best answers for managing pain is utilizing wild lettuce. While it isn’t as known as it ought to be, it is no doubt effectively developing in your patio. Wild lettuce has been well known for quite a while in the ‘normal cure’ or ‘elective treatment’ world. It is regularly alluded to as “poor man’s Opium.

Wild Lettuce, also known as Lactuca Virosa is a tall, verdant plant with little splendid yellow blossoms. It appears to be like thorny lettuce, which is also known as Lactuca Serriola, with a couple of contrasts. The leaves and stems are less sharp, and develop nearer together. An individual from the lettuce family, wild lettuce develops wild in England and North America. Wild Lettuce is likewise called rakutu-karyumu-so, opium lettuce, laitue vireuse, and bitter lettuce

It is known for having mild pain and sedative relieving properties, because of a smooth substance called lactucarium which is found in the leaves and stem of the plant. The impacts of lactucarium are viewed as like opium, however the substance contains no genuine sedatives. These impacts earned wild lettuce the well known name, opium lettuce.

History of Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce was broadly used in the nineteenth century as an option in contrast to opium. In was incorporated into the materia medica for many years. During the 1970s, the herb picked up popularity as both a recreational herb and a herbal remedy.

It has been used to treat various health issues including menstrual problems, sore muscles, pain, headaches, insomnia, cough, and asthma. Previously, Wild Lettuce has been set up for use in various manner. Most usually, the leaves and stems would be dried and arranged as a tea.

Different occasions, the plant would be stewed in a pot with water and sugar, and after that decreased to shape a thick syrup. In spite of the fact that harsh, the impacts of these arrangements demonstrated very compelling and effective.

While these are the two most customary methods for getting ready Wild Lettuce for use, there are various increasingly present modern choices also.

Wild Lettuce can used to make tea, to pick up the advantages of the herb while lessening the measure of smoke in your lungs. It can likewise be smoked or utilized in a vaporizer. The herb can be purchased in a dried cut mix, as a powder, or as a sap produced using the gathered milk or sap of the plant.

A home grown concentrate is likewise accessible. Every result of Wild Lettuce contains lactucarium, despite the fact that it is progressively gathered in the tar.

Uses of Wild Lettuce

Asthma – It was initially utilized as a treatment for asthma. Indeed, even now, numerous individuals guarantee that their utilization of the herb is in charge of less and less extreme asthma related issues. 

Headaches or Migraines – Wild Lettuce is accepted to lessen the recurrence and seriousness of headache cerebral pains. Numerous individuals who utilize Wild Lettuce normally report less cerebral pains than before they started utilizing the herb. 

Relieve Tension and Pain – Wild Lettuce is additionally called opium lettuce on account of its sedative like impact. In addition to the fact that it reduces pain, it has been known to cause a mellow sedative like high. This quality makes it exceptionally valuable in diminishing agony. 

Insomnia and Sleep – Wild Lettuce has for quite some time been utilized to treat a sleeping disorder. The casual euphoric inclination given by the herb makes nodding off much simpler. 

Anxiety – Wild Lettuce has a mellow calming impact which makes it incredible for nervousness.

As a Mild Euphoric – A standout among the most conspicuous reasons individuals pick Wild Lettuce is for the sedative like impact. Wild Lettuce causes a sentiment of gentle elation fundamentally the same as sedatives, however it contains no genuine sedatives. Not exclusively is this totally lawful, it gives an influence like sedatives without adjusting the consequences of a medication test.

Methods of Using Wild Lettuce

As a prepared Tincture – A couple of ml of wild lettuce, before going to sleep and you can treat migraine headaches, asthma and insomnia.

As an Infusion or Tea – The stems and leaves of the wild lettuce, and the prepared powder from it, can also be used to prepare tea or an infusion.

Diffusion – It is turning the dry wild lettuce in a mist, therefore it can be inhaled easily.

Effects of Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce has a natural harsh and bitter taste. Be that as it may, when made into a tea with a couple of teaspoons of honey, it tends to be a delicious beverage. A few people guarantee that it is a procured taste. After their initial couple some the tea, they trust it tastes much better. The underlying consequences of Wild Lettuce are brief, yet the herb appears to have a proceeded with beneficial outcomes on in general health, lessening the seriousness and recurrence of various health issues when used on regular basis.

Uses of Wild Lettuce report:

  • Decrease in symptoms of migraine headaches and asthma
  • A mild euphoria
  • Relief from pains and aches
  • Feeling less anxious
  • Slight sedation
  • Sleepiness
  • Relaxation

Wild lettuce has turned out to be compelling and very effective in treating a wide scope of ailments. It can work for everything from muscle or joint pain to challenging hack. In the book A Modern Herbal, Volume 2 it is even referenced how Dr. Collins “expressed that 23 out of 24 instances of dropsy were restored by taking dosages of 18 grains to 3 drachms of concentrate in 24 hours.”


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