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Northern Lights Captured In The Form Of The Legendary Phoenix Over Iceland

Mother nature might create countless shows that can amaze us, and one of the best is the Northern Lights!

Today we are fortunate because through the Internet and social media, we get the opportunity to see many of them, which we can’t afford to visit.

The dancing lights of the aurora are caused from collisions between electrically charged particles from our sun that enter into the Earth’s atmosphere. They can be seen above the magnetic poles of the southern and northern hemispheres. These magical lights are known as the ‘Aurora australis’ in the south and ‘Aurora borealis’ in the north.

The amazing photographs of this phenomenon, taken in Kaldarsel by Hallgrimur P. Helgason who is a photographer, simply amazed the world.

The pictures are showing a very unique moment of the Northern Lights forming a Phoenix. In the mythology, this bird is considered to be the symbol of immortality, because the bird rose from ashes.

In Helgason’s pictures, the amazing and enormous Phoenix looks like it rose from the ground and it’s flying over Iceland.

Helgason said that he saw the shape of the bird after an hour he arrived, and he quickly rushed to take his camera and take the photos.

It is thrilling to shoot the aurora, especially when the lights are playful as they were that night. I must admit that every time the lights burst out like that I get an adrenaline kick, and that particular photo was the best one from the entire night!

That night he used a tripod and a camera, and he explained that the aurora borealis was very intense, because he was seeing yellow and green colors, and there was some blue and red.

The meaning of these lights was interpreted in different ways in many cultures.

In the Norse mythology, the Northern Lights are believed to be a reflection of the armor and shields of the Valkyrie. And these were female warriors who would gladly give their lives and who got to fight another day!

The aurora borealis was believed to be a ‘Bifrost Bridge’, a throbbing and glowing arch that led those who had fallen in battle, straight to Valhalla, the final destination and resting place of warriors.

Finngs are believing that a mythical fox created these Lights when its very fluffy tail sprayed snow and threw little sparks in the sky. 

On the other hand, we have the Sami indigenous people who believed that these lights are form their ancestors, who come to visit them.

The Tlingit and Kwakiutl of Southern Alaska, and the Salteaus Indians of Eastern Canada, beliefe that they are dancing human spirits, while the Inuits believed they were dances of animal spirits.


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