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Norwegian Forest Cats, The Pets Of The Vikings

Do you want to find the perfect winter pet that you can cuddle with during the cold months? Well, here are some good news for you, because this is the perfect article for you!

The Norwegian forest cats, also known as scogkatts, or also called Norwegian Forest Cats or ‘wegies’, are the pet of your dreams, they have very long and soft fur, they’re like they came out of a fairy tales.

These enormous cats are depicted in many folk legends in the Nordic countries.

This breed is one of the most popular choices in Swede, Iceland, Norway and France as well. It’s believed that this cat was brought by the Vikings into Norway, from the British archipelago during the early Middle Ages. And over the time they have accustomed to the Scandinavian cold weather and climate.

Our Viking progenitors knew the various advantages of the friendship with four-legged creatures. Our pets assume a focal job in human presence, help our psychological and physical health, and lower pressure and loneliness.

Vikings have lived next to each other with these cats for a great many years. Viking felines existed on the homesteads and delivers, and even in homes with early Scandinavians as far back as 4,000 years prior. 

They were valued and significant, and they were utilized to avert the spread of sicknesses, keeping up houses and ships without a mouse. 


These beautiful cats look like Maine Coons demonstrating they may be inaccessible family members. However, Norwegian Forest cats are one of a kind among cats for their enormous size, calm, and quiet demeanor. 

They have very strong muscles, and thick hide to keep them warm and dry on the cool oceanic experiences. 

If at any point there was a feline worked to coordinate its condition, it is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It has created over numerous long stretches of common determination into a breed ready to endure the long cruel winters of Norway. – The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA).


Wegies are loving and affectionate family members, they’re outgoing, independent and friendly. They’re also regularly meowing, and talkative as they are in a real conversation.

These big cats want to explore around and they are very good climbers. They have a very calm nature and usually, they get along very well with humans and other house pets.

They can adapt incredibly well to the now, however they are just big cuddle bugs.

And who wouldn’t love a cat that is 75% fur?


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