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Okra Controls Hunger And Diabetes, Lowers Cholesterol And Removes Fatigue

The Okra (The hibiscus esculentus) has many names, there are places where it is known as okro, gumbo, kiabo and lady’s fingers. This is a plant native to Ethiopia, and its strong healing abilities and properties have been used for many centuries to treat many ailments and health issues.

The okra pod has tiny seeds and it has a greenish color, it can be added into broths, stews and salads.

The okra can provide thousands of health benefits, also it a rich source of carious nutrients, it has the ability to:

Regulate the Cholesterol Levels

The okra is able to decrease the cholesterol levels in the body and prevent from fat accumulation. It has the ability to support the bile acid production in the stool, therefore lowering the risk of heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Control Diabetes

The enzyme that is breaking down carbs and improving the sensitivity of insulin of the cells is called alpha-glucosidase, and the okra seeds are able to inhibit this enzyme. Therefore it is able to decrease the fasting glucose levels and treat diabetes.

Improves Eyesight and Boosts the Immune System

This veggie is high in vitamin A, it is boosting the immune system, because of its ability to boost the white blood cell production. This vitamin is able to prevent from vision issues and it can improve our eyesight.

Treats Fatigue

Okra is a rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols, which are supporting the storage of the glycogen in our liver, therefore boosting our energy levels.

Control Food Cravings

Since it is a rich source of fiber, it can create a satiety feeling, therefore preventing from gaining weight.

Improves Skin Health

You can prevent from pigmentation and premature aging of the skin with the use of okra, because it has powerful antioxidant properties, therefore making your skin healthy and soft.

Prevent from Gastritis

The okra juice is able to fight against bacteria and inflammation, for example against H.pylori in our gut, therefore decreasing the risk of gastritis.

Prevent from Kidney Diseases

Consuming okra on regular basis will prevent from kidney diseases.

Improve Hair Health

You can fight against dandruff, make your hair soft, shiny and healthy with the use of okra.

Prevent Sunstroke

You can prevent from sunstrokes with okra.

Prevent from Constipation

The absorption of water can be improved with okra, also it can ensure the free motion disposal, and prevent from constipation as well.

Stop the Bleeding, and Prevent from Brittle Bones

Since it is a rich source of vitamin K, it can strengthen our bones and improve the blood circulation in our body, it decreases the risk of fractures and excessive bleeding, as well as reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


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    What is the best way to consume okra?


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