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Norwegian Forest Cats, The Pets Of The Vikings

Do you want to find the perfect winter pet that you can cuddle with during the cold months? Well, here are some good news for you, because this is the perfect article for you! The Norwegian forest cats, also known as scogkatts, or also called Norwegian Forest Cats or ‘wegies’, are the pet of your…


I Pray You Heal

We’re still exploring the world we’re living in, and we’re discovering the truth about the universe and life. This is leading to a change in the spiritual consciousness, and the unbelievable truth about the connection between all the living things is awakening.  Many people haven ot found their calling in life until this moment, so…


When The Right Person Hugs You

Life is very beautiful, but also it is very complex. It is rich in moments of love, victory, joy and success, but also there are some filled with problems, failures, defeat and sorrow. The challenge is to face all of this with perseverance, patience and courage. It is said that even in the darkest moments,…