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Panic Attacks and Anxiety Linked to Low Vitamin B and Iron Levels

People who are having hyperventilation attacks (HVA) or also known as panic attacks (PA), sometimes need medical attention and are taken to emergency departments. One of the main causes for panic attacks is the reduced serotonin levels. From the synthesized tryptophan we get the serotonin. Iron and Vitamin B6 are highly important for the synthesis of serotonin.

There was a study in Japan, in which there were included 21 individuals and it was their situation from which it was recognized that individuals who were experiencing hyperventilation or panic episodes, were missing iron and vitamin B6 in their bodies.

This study in general was small, but it was enough for the researchers to study the individuals and gather information from them, while they were taking supplements, also study the levels of iron and vitamin B6, and see what caused the hyperventilation episodes which can often result in emergency room visits.

During the research, it was concluded that both iron and vitamin B6 were inadequate in the individuals who were having hyperventilation and nervousness issues, while the other ones who weren’t having these issues didn’t have any problems. Iron and vitamin B6 are highly important for the tryptophan amalgamation in serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that is managing the mental soundness, disposition and as well as the cardiovascular capacity.

According to these results, the decreased levels of iron and vitamin B6 are very likely to result in a panic attack or hyperventilation, reported the leaders of this study. More studies need to be preformed in order to clarify the mechanisms that are bonded with these differences.

Also supplying your body with these essential ingredients, you will improve your mental well being too. Even though that this study didn’t note any connection between panic attacks with other B vitamins such as vitamin B12 and vitamin B2, all of them are highly essential for real capacity and the sound mind. Your body not being properly supplied with any B vitamin can easily cause some mental well being issues, and that is why you should maintain their levels around the normal!

Some medical conditions, poor diets and chronic stress can cause the body’s stores for the most vital nutrients to decrease.

Many people who are suffering from agoraphobia (fearing from enclosed public places or crowded spaces) are suffering from  low levels of complex B vitamins, and this can also lead to conditions that are related to anxiety. When your body is in lack of B vitamins, it starts to send you signals, the first ones are irritability, fatigue, emotional instability and anxiety.

If you are looking for ways to properly supply your body with B vitamins, you can take as alternatives the food plans delivered from Garden of life and Megafood. They have food-based varieties that are far more healthier than any other supplementation out there, they are healthier than the standard vitamin supplements, and they will provide many advantages for your body.

The vitamins are made from a few different components, and they are co-factors, co-enzymes and enzymes, which must work all together in order to provide the biologic effects they are meant to provide, reported Dr. Ben Kim. Most of the vitamin supplements that are sold in vitamin shops, grocery stores and pharmacies are synthetic, that means they are only isolated portions of those vitamins, which can be found in natural foods.


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