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Parrot Falls In Love With Alexa And Keeps Ordering Things From Amazon

Alexa might be the best helper around the house, but she is also Rocco’s soulmate, which is an African grey parrot.

In his previous home, Rocco caused a little bit of trouble, at the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire, when his language has upset the visitors. So, he was transferred to a new home, where he lives now with his owner – a sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski.

Rocco in his new home started to use the Amazon Echo to order everything he likes to eat, and his partner in crime was Alexa. This parrot breed is known for their mimicking skills, therefore he was able to add his preferences to a virtual supermarket list.

As indicated by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the African dark parrot has the notoriety for being the best talker of all parrot species. Aside from imitating discourse, these parrots likewise impersonate it in a voice that sounds very human. They can copy sounds with unfathomable precision, from trickling spigots to development gear. 

Marion said that she checks the shopping list when she returns home from work, and drops all the things he’s arranged. 

His rundown incorporates different veggies and fruits, including raisins, broccoli, and melons, as well as ice cream!

Rocco additionally requested some irregular things like a pot, a light, and a kite.

However, the smart parrot likes to dance as well and advises the voice-activated device to play his favorite songs. He loves rock, but there are also some slow songs that he enjoys.

Marion reported that they’re talking to each other all day, and sometimes when she comes in, there is some romantic music playing inside.

And he just loves a boogie with Alexa. However, it has to be something really fast, for example his favorite, Kings of Leon!