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Peruvian Group Launch Compostable Plates Made Of Banana Leaves

A project named ‘Bio Plant’ has been launched by Peruvians, in order to help with the plastic pollution. They have made biodegradable dishes, and these dishes are made from banana leaves, in order to decrease the environmental pollution that is caused from the excessive plastic disposal. Each banana leaf plate is used instead of a plastic plate, and that is one item less polluting our planet.

This very innovative product is decomposing after 2 months, and it is degraded naturally within those 60 days. The plates that we commonly use are made from polyester (styrofoam) and they take more than 500 years to degrade, which is causing huge damage to the fauna and flora of the wildlife on land and the oceans.

With the co-financing of the Innóvate Peru Program (through the Bio challenge planned for supporting the improvement of imaginative arrangements concentrated on the reasonable utilization of the assets of our biodiversity), they had the option to structure and fabricate specific machines – a presser, a shipper, and a bite the dust shaper – for the creation of the biodegradable dishes. With the new hardware, they can make 50,000 dishes month to month. 

Josué Soto, the pioneer of the venture, clarified how they are working straightforwardly with little makers in the Peruvian Amazon, who are furnished with a reasonable cost and specialized preparing to exploit the misfortunes of banana development. 

The Chuwa Plant gathering has likewise made these dishes with paper and cardboard cellulose – all of which (counting the banana leaf plates) are dispensable (single use), impervious to different temperatures, fluids and can be utilized with a food. 

Josué Soto said that they don’t have to chop down banana trees or cull their leaves as they sever when pickers expel the bunches of bananas from the tree. 

The plates are rectangular fit as a fiddle, estimating 22 cm x 16 cm x 3 cm (tallness) and are not cancer-causing since they don’t contain styrene, an oil subordinate that is found in different kinds of containers.

The Bio Plant plates are already in use in the patron and traditional celebrations in many regions of the country. The group is planning to enter the natural restaurants, and the ecological wineries market as well, with this product. 

Soto reported in Spanish:

The approximate sale price for 100 dishes, costs from 100 to 120 soles (US$29.64 – $35.56) it depends on the thickness of the plate, but over time it can become more accessible to a lot more customers.


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