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Photographer Followed Squirrels Daily For 6 Years And Here Are 25 Of His Best Photos

One of the most awarded nature photographers internationally and nationally is Geert Weggen. He is a Dutch/Swedish photographer, and his work has been published in many countries worldwide, in many calendars, books, newspapers, magazines, even some of it is on TV.

Back in 2013 he became a full-time photographer, and for the past couple of years, he has been taking pictures of wild birds and squirrels.

He remembers 8 years ago when a fox came to his doorstep, and he quickly grabbed some meat to feed her. The fox returned daily to get more and more food, therefore he got the opportunity to take some photos.

After a couple of weeks, it started interacting with the props he used for photography on his doorstep and his balcony. When a Russian bird started coming at his balcony too, looking for the hidden food that he left around his house, it quickly all became a studio filled with nature props, mirrors and cameras.

He said:

Actually, red squirrels also showed up and they still come to this day in my outdoor studio. I didn’t know that this would become my full-time job, and I would make a living out of it.

Weggen is right now centered around particularly capturing the wild squirrels, and he has created 8 squirrel photograph books, which have been distributed in four unique languages. 

Notwithstanding speaking to the squirrels’ insatiable cravings, he has likewise streamlined his arrangement for these photos. 

As he clarifies, the outside studio is along the edge of his home, half with a rooftop, and the rest is open for the downpour and day off. He can shoot from the window in his kitchen, and he has likewise assembled a table in his studio that is at eye level with the goal that he can mastermind his scenes, shroud the nourishment, and inconspicuously snap pictures. 

He included that the studio is legitimately associated with the woodland and trees, and he shrouds a glimmer behind certain scenes on a remote. 

For just about 10 years, Weggen has been leaving nuts and oak seeds around his home to prevail upon the trust and friendship of these adorable little animals, and he has certainly become their companion. 

His photos demonstrate this, as he plays chess with them, gets them to ride bicycles, and gives them instruments to play. He figures out how to set up situations where squirrels are accomplishing human-ass things and snap the ideal photograph. 

Over the most recent couple of years, he has been sorting out Squirrel workshops at home twice every year, when the youthful squirrels show up. The workshops keep going for five days, and a limit of 3 members can go along with them.

He has his own website, and you can see there that each and every one of the Bird, Squirrel and Nature Photo Workshops are fully booked for 2020.

So, if you want a little piece of the magic for yourself, then you need to contact him for the June & July 2021 workshops.

Scroll down to take a look at some of his best photographs he has in his collection, of the curious and wild red squirrels:


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