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Pineberries – This Ancient Strawberry That Tastes Like Pineapple Is Being Brought Back

Many people have never even heard of the Pineberry. This is an ancient fruit tat looks like a strawberry, but it is white and tastes like something between a bubblegum and a pineapple.

Pineberries are a type of strawberry, but the fruit got its name from its pineapple flavor. As we said the flesh of the fruit is white and the seeds are red, they are completely opposite of the regular strawberries. Pineberries are in fact a more improved version of the original South American strawberry, which is reintroduced into the market, but this time highlighting the pineapple flavor.

The ones that are highly against GMO, don’t panic neither the flavor nor the color is coming from genetic modification. The South American strawberries, native to Chile, known as Fragaria Chilonesis, always had that white color with a little bit of light pink touch on them.

Fragaria chiloensis strawberries were one of the first progenitors of the greenery enclosure strawberries we are for the most part acquainted with. They were crossed with the red strawberry species Fragaria virginiana local to North America. That is the reason garden strawberries are alluded to as Fragaria x ananassa.

The term ananassa presumably alludes to pineapple kind of the first species, pineapple is called ananas in many pieces of the world. There are other white strawberries in development, however they are variants of the Alpine strawberry Fragaria vesca. Not at all like the pineberries, their seeds are generally white to light green, so you can reveal to them separated. They are a lot littler as well.

Pineberries now originate from the first Chilean strawberry stocks that still stayed with some European reproducers. The rearing project began around ten years prior, and it took them around four years to carry this assortment into the market.

At the point when originally presented on April Fools’ Day, 2010, they were generally welcomed, albeit a great many people thought to be a joke at first. Nonetheless, notwithstanding the open enthusiasm for these new participants, despite everything they stay rare.

In the event that you can get hold of a few, it merits developing, for the curiosity esteem as well as for its particularly extraordinary taste and flavor.

How To Grow Pineberries?

If you have previously grown some regular strawberries, the pineberry cultivation is the same, very easy and simple.

First you need a hold of bare-root plants, it is even better if you get the plants which are created from runners.

If you see somewhere a seed for pineberry do not buy it, it is a lie, because these strawberries are a hybrid, therefore they cannot be grown from seeds. If you buy a seed to grow a pineberry, you will probably end up having a regular red and tasty strawberry.


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