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Pumpkin Bird Feeder Makes A Happy Harvest For Birds

Have you ever covered a pine cone with birdseed and peanut butter to create a bird feeder when you were children? This was one of the best summertime crafts to do at home. 

But as autumn arrives, we have an opportunity to create other crafts for birds, for example the pumpkin bird feeder.

Friends to Birds

While there are many birds that are going south for the winter, some are staying for the entire year, they just don’t migrate. And to offer them a food source in your back yard means that they will have plenty of food for the winter months. And if you feed them, they will always be a pleasant company in your back yard.

Pumpkins are in wealth throughout the fall. What’s more, they’re the ideal material for a reasonable flying creature feeder. Pumpkins are strong and set aside a considerable amount of effort to turn sour (we see you, jack o’ lanterns). What’s more, pumpkins are biodegradable, so you don’t need to stress over contributing progressively squander with a plastic fledgling feeder that may break later on. 

In case you’re an enthusiast of pumpkin seeds, this pumpkin feeder will profit you, just as the feathered creatures. Get another pumpkin and scratch out every one of the seeds for cooking. 

You can cook them in the broiler as you finish your feathered creature feeder make. I like to sprinkle half of my pumpkin seeds with salt and the other half with cinnamon and sugar before simmering them. 

Also, this pumpkin feeder is an incredible chance to repurpose a jack o’ lantern after Halloween. On the off chance that you cut your pumpkin in a matter of seconds before October 31 and it hasn’t turned sour, you can in any case use it as a pumpkin feeder. Remove the top half and pursue the bearings underneath.

Pumpkin Feeder for Birds

Here are directions for a single pumpkin bird feeder. But, if you like to make two, use both pumpkin halves, and double all ingredients.


  • Birdseed
  • 2 thick wooden skewers
  • 1 thumbtack
  • Two 4-foot lengths of sturdy rope or twine
  • 1 Pumpkin, not heavier than 10 pounds


  1. Cut the pumpkin in 2 halves, then scoop the seeds and put them aside to be roasted.
  2. Hold the 2 pieces of twine and knot them together in the middle. Flip the pumpkin over and use that thumbtack to secure the knot to the bottom.
  3. Create perches for the birds to sit on, by pushing the skewers through the pumpkin, from the inside out.
  4. Fill the pumpkin with birdseed.
  5. Tie the loose ends of the rope or the twine together and then hang the pumpkin on a tree branch.
  6. Check the pumpkin from time to time, in order to fill it up with birdseed if it’s empty.

On the off chance that there are squirrels in your neighborhood, they may in the long run eat the pumpkin for you, disposing of the requirement for cleanup. Something else, bring the feeder down when the pumpkin begins to turn sour. Throw it or compost it.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the experience of creating this helpful craft for the birds in your neighborhood. You can even let the kids watch from the window, how the birds eat. Just give them a notebook to draw the birds while eating, and they will be interested in it.


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