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Raynaud’s Association Launches New Campaign to Raise Awareness of Common, Painful Condition

Five percent of the American population are affected by a very rare disease, known as Raynaud’s syndrome. This is a condition that is affecting the arteries or blood vessels, which are distributing oxygen from our heart to every other part of the body, meaning that it is reducing the blood flow to our extremities.

This condition is also commonly called vasospasm, and mostly it is developed in brief episodes. First our skin starts to appear white, then blue until the blood flow returns to that body part. The parts of our body that are affected are felt very numb and cold. Also in some cases there can be stinging, swelling, throbbing, burning and tingling.

Most commonly in less than 15 minutes the symptoms should dissipate, because that’s enough time for our blood flow to normalize.
You might be suffering from this syndrome if you start experiencing any blood circulation issues during times of anxiety or cold weather.

Firstly you must know that there are 2 different types of this rare disease:
There is a condition type which is more common, we know the cause of it, and it is less severe, and we also have a different type that is called Raynaud’s phenomenon, which is mostly triggered by environmental trigger or some other condition (such as carpal tunnel syndrome, atherosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatoid, scleroderma and lupus) and this type is a lot more serious and threatening than the other one.

Mostly this disorder is affecting fingers and toes, but also the symptoms might show signs on the ears, nipples, nose and lips as well.

Dr. Mercola reported:

“There is still no blood test that can identify or diagnose the Raynaud’s disease, but there are other 2 types of tests which might discover it, and they are recommended only to narrow the possibilities of course.”

Nailfold Capillaroscopy – This way the doctor is only putting a single drop of oil on the base of a single fingernail of our hand, after that the nail is inspected microscopically. If there are some abnormal arteries showing, then for sure it can be an indicator for scleroderma or  some other phenomenon that is connected to this disease.”

Cold Stimulation Test – First there is a device which is attached to your fingers and measures the temperature from there, and then you dip your hands briefly in very cold water. With this device you will be able to see how long it takes for your fingers to go back to normal. And with the Raynaud’s disease, some people might even wait up to 20 minutes, or sometimes even longer.

There is no possible way to treat the Raynaud’s syndrome, but it can be a lot easier if you find the main cause of the disease. If you want to avoid more episodes of this unpleasant disease, then we will give you the top 9 strategies to do that:

  • The risk of Raynaud’s synrome is elevated by the nicotine, so if you are suffering from this condition then you must quit smoking.

  • Also cold temperatures can easily cause or at least trigger this disease, so you might want to avoiding to hold cold drink, while the temperatures are low, avoid washing your hands in cold water, and also you should be wearing gloves whenever you’re taking something from the freezer.
  • The symptoms of this rare disorder can be triggered from a surgery, frostbite, or after an accident, since the blood vessels and arteries will produce less blood.
  • Find yourself something that relaxes you, make sure you relieve from anxiety and stress because these two are the main reasons for more frequent Raynaud’s attacks.
  • There are some medications such as the birth control pills, ADHD medications, increased blood pressure medications (beta blockers), migraine medications, certain cancer medications (vinblastine), which are rapidly increasing the risk of a Raynaud’s attack.
  • Run warm water for a while over the feet and hands, especially during attacks, that way you will be able to reduce the severity or shorten the episode.
  • The frequency of the Raynaud’s attacks can be reduced with the use of acupuncture.
  • Make sure you supply your body with 120-240 mg gingko, this will increase the blood circulation in the fingertips.
  • Intake about 100 g of niacin every day 2 times a day, which will give you the ability to dilate the blood vessels.

Source: theheartysoul.com

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