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Robin Williams “Always Required Film Companies To Hire Homeless People” In Order To Book Him

It is never out of style to be humane and kind. No matter how fake, evil and corrupt our society gets, being a person that really cares for others, and tries to make our world a better place, is always going to be cherished.

And the less these type of people are, the more valuable they get. Even five years after he passed away, and the stories about the loving and kind Robin Williams keeps reminding us that the good is always going to outweigh the bad.

A big fan of this actor, who is also a philanthropist and comedian, Brian Lord, has shared a very heartwarming story of our beloved actor.

Brian Lord found out something that totally changed the way he was looking upon the actor. Robin Williams always required the event organizers to hire homeless people.

Lost never got to host Dead Poets Society actor, however he approached the actor, and he was shocked by his rider. He is more then surprised to find out that all the actor wants from the companies that hire him, is to hire a certain number of homeless people!

Stars from Hollywood sometimes have huge and outrageous demands, therefore such a caring and humble request was something Brian Lord didn’t expect coming.

Brian spoke of this great man’s wish to help the homeless and those in need:

I’m certain that voluntarily and with his own cash, he was working with these individuals out of luck, yet he’d likewise chosen to utilize his clout as a performer to ensure that creation organizations and occasion organizers additionally took in the estimation of allowing individuals to work their way back. 

I never viewed a Robin Williams film a similar path after that. Much obliged, Robin Williams for giggles, yet additionally for a cool model.

This long-term advocate for the privileges of the destitute, and in 1990, preceding the Senate on the side of the Homeless Prevention and Revitalization Act he reported: 

The issue can’t be denied any longer. I do accept this can work in a fantastic manner, from a grassroots level, that the cash can find a workable pace, genuinely forestall, vagrancy. That is the place it lies. You can’t keep getting individuals, you need to prevent them from falling. That is the thing that I trust. Much obliged to you.

This story is one of the countless ones about this kind and loving actor.

The maker of After Life, Ricky Gervais, once clarified the manner in which Williams needed to fulfill everybody. He said that on an advantage gig they did together, the humorist spent the whole night along the edge of the stage, observing new comics, chuckling stronger than any other individual in the crowd. 

Gervais included that even, when he wasn’t well, he would simply attempt his best to make you laugh – you could see it was an errand yet he’d totally love it.

After Williams’ death, various stars have told such heart warming stories.

As a tribute to him, Ben Stiller wrote: 

His generosity and kindness is the thing I think of. That he was so kind to any person who needed to connect with him. Furthermore, he really wanted to be funny constantly. 

He would accomplish something as long as it would keep you chuckling. He made many, many film groups roar with laughter before the crowds at any point saw it. So there is the man and his ability, and I think for his situation both were phenomenal.

Robin Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, has expressed huge gratitude for the support they have received, which was one more proof of the legacy the actor left behind him:

Since he passed away, everyone who loved Robin found solace in the tremendous outpouring love and affection for him from the millions of people whose lives were touched by the actor.

The biggest legacy, besides his three wonderful children, is the happiness and joy he offered to everyone, especially to the ones fighting some personal battles.


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