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Schools In England Will Teach Kids How To Meditate And Be Mindful As Part Of New Curriculum

Do you think that it is time to teach children to be patient and start being more aware of their surroundings? Because, Britain is taking a step ahead towards that direction.

Mindfulness and Meditation will be a new program which is conducted by the British government, for a mental health study until 2021. That is why more than 370 school in England are including meditation, breathing exercises and meditative techniques for Mindfulness. This is all because it is time for the nation to have a bigger interest in their children.

But why is that?

It is only because children which are experiencing new emotions for the first time, will not deal with them as the adults do. Adults might even to the bottom, but children won’t. In order to adapt to something, children might kick, shout, bite and scream. And that is not a good habit to have. Tantrums are present only when a kid doesn’t know what it feels, or how to express what it’s feeling with words.

To handle this very issue, schools in England have chosen to organize classes of mindfulness, meditation, and mental awareness that would teach students to manage it in a positive manner. To manage their feelings and emotions in a manner that is helpful and conductive for their environment.

Students at the secondary level will be instructed how to apply these procedures and techniques more in their everyday lifestyle. For everybody realizes that meditation would improve your life in general.

The whole program is essentially in light of the fact that kids are as a rule progressively diagnosed to have depression at a very young age. Appraisals state that 1 of every 8 children experience the effects from different mental disorders. While the reason is never clear without any positive answers and always shady, the fundamental truth that kids are experiencing depression is from worrying a lot.

It is also frightening that out of those kids, only 1 in 5 are receiving health care.

It would be a bit wrong to say that England is the first country to take the first steps. Because there is a school in Baltimore which replaced the process of detention with children meditating. They did this back in 2016.

We believe that this will have a major change in how things will take place. Maybe there will be thousands of school that will follow these steps.

What do you think, is it good for your children to learn how to meditate?


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