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Single Dad Adopts Girl With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By Over 20 Families

But, the condition by itself is not a very serious obstacle as it used to be, first because of the advancement in the modern medicine, which now is successfully managing to improve various aspects of the life and life expectancy of people dealing with this condition.

However, a study that was published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics revealed that the families who lived with people who had Down syndrome, have very high rates of happiness.

And the story of this article is a happy one indeed!

The 42-year-old Italian single parent Luca Trapanese met his 2-year-old girl Alba when she was a couple of days old. She had been set up for selection and has been dismissed by twenty families since she had Down disorder, and they couldn’t deal with embracing a kid with handicaps. 

Notwithstanding, this sort hearted man has worked with different social help associations since he was 14, including “A Ruota Libera” Foundation, a gathering that helps youngsters with Down disorder. 

Besides, his greatest wish was to turn into a dad. He said that he needed to plant his adoration, warmth, and information in another animal. 

Trapanese said that a crippled youngster is certifiably not a subsequent option, yet a cognizant decision he made, and he was not apprehensive by any means. 

He and his accomplice Eduardo had the thought in the previous years, however then they isolated. 

However, his experience made him resolved to embrace a kid, as he was certain he had the correct apparatuses for it. He made a solicitation in the uncommon register that enables singles to embrace in exceptional conditions. 

However, selection offices as a rule lean toward “customary families” over adopters that don’t fit the traditional two-parent hetero relationship form. In Italy, gay couples are not permitted to embrace a kid, and receptions by single guardians were confused up to this point. 

He was told he could just embrace youngsters with diseases, serious handicaps or social issues, a kid who had been dismissed by every single conventional family. 

What’s more, he was excited! 

Luca especially needed to be the dad of a debilitated kid or a casualty of brutality, a choice that had its reasons. 

In July 2017, they considered him to educate him that there is a young lady he can receive. She was called Alba, she was 13 days old, and she had Down disorder. 

Her mom had surrendered the child during childbirth, and she had been dismissed by more than 20 families from that point forward. However, Trapanese was excited, and the moment they met, he realized he has discovered his girl. 

When he held her in his arms, he says he was loaded up with satisfaction and felt she was her little girl, and that he was set up to turn into her dad. 

The instance of the 42-year old dad had a tremendous effect in his nation of origin, as it quarreled various generalizations over family, religion and parenthood. 

Alba is 2 years of age now, and she is brimming with life, adores playing and moving, and has a solid character. Her dad includes that she enjoys being with other individuals, so he frequently goes for her to stroll to the recreation center, to historical centers or to work. 

He even distributed a book that uncovers their story Nata Per Te (Born for You), composed with Luca Mercadante.

Trapanese said that he was very proud to be Alba’s father, and he admitted he can now see his future very clearly, as he is planning to spend the rest of his life with a girl he loves very much.

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